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Thank god, kool on läbi! Sellel nädalal toimusid meil veel tunnid pm. aga eile ja täna olid sellised koolilõpuüritused.
Eile oli lõpukell. Kandsin esimest korda oma vanaema tehtud rahvariideid, mis on kohutavalt kenad. Kuna mu digikas on katki, siis mul neist pilti pole, aga ma kavatsen varsti teha. Igatahes, lõpukellal käisime me läbi kõik meie kooli ning väikse kooli klassid, vanad lasteaiad, Saku mõisa ning Säästumarketi.
Meie laulu-repertuaar ei olnud just eriti tugev, niiet põhiliselt vaheldusid Sepa poisid, mis tahtmatult kaanonisse läks, ning Oh kooliaeg! Vahepeale ka natuke Nexust ja Smilersit. Peale rongkäiku oli aktus, mis oli täpselt samasugune nagu meie eelmisel aastal üheksandikele tegime. Hea töö korraldajad! :D
Täna oli tutipidu. Tutipeoga samal ajal oli ka kogu kooli spordipäev. Mõtlesin, et olen üli ettenägelik ja panen oma flanellist seeliku alla püksid, sest seelik saab kohe märjaks nagunii, aga mu valged püksid olid esimese minutiga läbimärjad ning samas ka läbipaistvad. Lõpuks ometi sain kanda ka oma roosat saku laadalt ostetud MacGyveri kella!
Kõige edukamaks loeksin ma kaugushüpet, kui tegin oma elu rekordi, joostes ühe jalanõuga, mis ka lõpuks minema lendas. 500 m. jooksin aga hoopis paljajalu oma haige jalaga (sest olin ennem ennast rehaga vigastanud...)

Thank god, school is finally over! This week we still had classes, but since we're going to graduate we had some special events too.
Yesterday was an event called Lõpukell ("Final schoolbell") where I wore my new national clothes of Muhu, made by my granny. They're SO beautiful. Since my camera's broken again, I don't have any pictures of them, but I'll take them as soon as I can.
Anyway, on this Lõpukell event we must walk through all the classes we have studied in our school and sing together in them. We visited our school, our elementary school, all playschools, Saku's manor and even Säästumarket (Lidl).
Our song collection was not very good so we basically switched between two nursery rhymes and few Estonian pop songs.
After the precession we had a banquet made by 8th graders. It was exactly the same as we made for 9th graders last year. Good job! :D

Today was Tutipidu ("pom pom day"). On this day we have to dress up as little children and we have water fights and stull like that. But on the same day the whole school had a sports day.
I thought I had been really foresightful by wearing shorts under my flannel skirt so I could play sports when my skirt is wet. Reality was that in first 30 seconds both my skirt and shorts got wet and not only wet, see-through as well, since my shorts were white. I also got to wear my pink MacGyver watch I had bought at Saku spring fair!
I got my best result at broad jump where I jumped with only one shoe, which flew away at the jump as well. 500m run was successful too, considering I was barefoot and my one leg was injured (because I had harmed with a rake before...)

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  1. Your end of school festivities sound way more festive than ours! We filled the chapel with balloons, put on a leavers play (Mocking the school, it gets banned every year, and then revived 5 years later...i'm not sure why the school ever lets it be produced, actually) And had a day where we dressed up in the uniform as if we were from st. trinians. Eventually there'll be a leavers ball/supper, but that's self organised!

    Beautiful photos!

  2. haha vaata viimast pilti: andrel on lukk eriti lahti ja miski seal nagu väga pingul :D:D

  3. Oh wow, such a cute outfit u had! This skirt is just a pure adoration lol

    Well, surely ur celebrations sounds really fun!!
    In my school we had to dress in black dresses or black blouses with skirts and put on white aprons like when my mom graduated she had exactly the same outfit lol We just made a huge concert to our school techers and parents . It was so cool though, many of us cried.
    But Wow u had amazing stuff there. And pictures are so cute, just soooo bright and lovelyy <3

  4. that sounds really fun! i wish we did things like that for the end of school activities! Lovely photos :)

  5. your outfit is so cute! its so fun you look like a beautiful doll i love it!

    so lovely!!!

  6. hey, i absolutely love your blog! Your last day sounds like loads of fun, i recently left school too and we just sign eachother's shirts! I love the skirt your wearing in the pictures by the way, great photos! x

  7. ma andsin sulle selle blogiauhinna , et ma arvan , et sa ilmselt tead millest jutt , igatahes , palju õnne ! :)

  8. Britt - Tal oli see shvammist peenis seal muidu, selle pärast :D
    LIISA ' - aitäh!

  9. tean jah, aga siin pole seda ju :D
    ja miks see pilt minust IKKA VEEL siin on?

  10. wow, it must have been fun! I miss school actually. I see many around me getting out of school and very relieved. But I miss school now, really.

    BTW, your pictures have a dreamy, vintage look. Do you edit them? Which camera do you use?

  11. Your two ponytails are cutie :)

    love your skirt!


  12. You're so lucky. We in France don't have events like that because we have to pass a final exam after the end of school, it sucks :( Your outfit is cute, as usual :)

  13. What a day, what an outfit too :D I enjoy the pictures so much! Seems like everyone over there has good sense of style. The boy in the middle I like, with the colorful shorts.. ;)

  14. Seriously i LOVE your pictures!!

    Have a nice day,

  15. wow.. it looks like fun..
    made me kinda miss my highschool time.. :)
    you and your friends are all beautiful.. :)

  16. this looks like an epically grand day! and you all look adorable of course.

  17. You are SO cute, I love your skirt and your hair heh heh. It looks and sounds like it was so much fun.

  18. Adorable pictures! I wish my school had grad student activities like yours.. Although we do have a sports day.. but I'd prefer a younger dress up day like you!

    You look adorable by the way!

  19. this looks like so much fun and I love your outfit! these phots are really amazing too, I first thought they came out of an editorial!! <3 <3

  20. You look so cute! This looks like a blast. I love the picture of all the guys walking forward and the one with the back of the head beanie and flag. The pictures are just so awesome!

  21. I love your photographs. Love the style of them. They are so much fun! Thanks for sharing! I will be back for more. Have a fab day lady ❤!


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