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Eile käisime Britiga rongide ja rataste abiga Tallinnas. Minul oli seljas Briti stiliseeritud outfit, temal minu oma.
Hommikul sõitsime rongiga Balti jaama. Rongid pole just väga rattasõbralikud ning meil oli raskusi sinna pääsemisega, aga saime hakkama, Britt on tugev.
Balti jaamast sõitsime Paavli kaltsukasse, kuhu jõudsime just avamise ajaks. Ühtlasi ka uue kauba saabumise ajaks! Paavlist sõitsime edasi Saksa Saia, kuna olime tõsiselt näljas. Lasin kaasa pakkida 6 kuklit, mille paberkott purunes, kuna munakiviteel mäest üle sõitmine pole just kõige sujuvam. Mitte isegi lähedale. Lisaks sellele otsustas mul kett maha tulla rattal ja käis õudne krigin jms. Noh, turistid olid väga vaimustuses ja nüüd oleme umbes 80 Hispaania pensionäri fotoalbumites.
Käisime ka vaatamas uut monumenti, mis minu meelest on väga ilus, ning lõpetuseks võtsime ühed jäätisekokteilid ja sõitsime koju tagasi.
Tegime ka väike peatuse Viru keskuses. Väiksest peatusest sai natuke pikem peatus ja noh... rattaretkelt lahkusin ma lõpuks hästi kena kaelakee, koti, ülilaheda sebramustrilise keebi, 2 pluusi, mega-mini-rahakoti, vintage kleidi, jaki ja...matrioshka kleepsudega!

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skirt - handmade | bag - vintage claudio ferrici | top - h&m | moccasins - link
Yesterday, we went to Tallinn with a help from trains and bicycles. I was wearing an outfit styled by Britt, she was wearing one put together by me.
In the morning we hopped on a train and drove to Balti train station. The train was not very bike-friendly, but we could handle it. Britt is pretty strong you know...
From the train station we jumped on our bikes and started riding to the Paavli second-hand, where we arrived when it was opening time and also the arrival of new clothes!
After managing to buy tons of clothes from Paavli, we started pedaling to the Saksa Sai bakery since we were really hungry. I bought 6 buns which were in a paper bag, which broke on the way, because cobblestone pavement is not very bike friendly. Not even close. AND my bicycle chain decided to make it even harder. Well, tourists were very enraptured and now we're on the photo albums of 80 Spanish pensioners.
We also visited the new monument, which in my opinion is lovely. On our way back home we got ourselves milkshakes and stopped by at Viru Keskus. What was planned to be a small stop turned into a longer one and well... I left our bicycle trip with a lovely necklace, bag, supercool zebra patterned cape, 2 blouses, mega-mini-wallet, vintage dress, jacket and...matryoscha stickers.

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  1. Britt tegi väga head stilistitööd, näed vapustav välja! :)

  2. Britt tegi tõesti head tööd, ülimõnusad pildid ja kvaliteet on vägagi super.

  3. cute pictures, you skirt is *lovely*

  4. Love this photos! I wanna go on a bikeride to now! :)

  5. great outfits and pics! I love the floral skirt and the bags!

  6. such a cute post! i love the shot of you two together.

    i have a really cute bike.. and this makes me finally want to learn to ride it!

  7. mis trammiga paavlisse kõige kergemini saab?:) ja kuidas sealt edasi minna:P

  8. Looks like you had fun! I'm in love with all of these photos they are great


  9. wow, that looks like such a pretty place (:

  10. beautiful pictures, beautiful skirt && dress

    It would be mine

  11. i love the photos, what's the name of the effect you use for this photos? I love the effect. It feels like summer :-)

  12. I love the outfits and the photos!

  13. I love the outfits and the photos!

  14. Edu edaspidiseks! :)


  15. väga head pildid on .
    tundus , et sa said oma garderoobi veel ilusaid esemeid :)

  16. wow ilove the type of color on these photos .. the blue skirt is lovely .. you both are gorgeous

  17. Väga ilusad pildid ja üldse, sul on väga armas blogi :)

  18. Loodan, et ei pahanda :) http://estcc.wordpress.com/2009/07/01/chic-girls-and-their-trip-to-tallinn/

  19. Wow! Amazing photographs!
    ..and your outfits are very sweet!

  20. nii hea,nii hea ^^
    i think tallinn is great (=
    and you are so beautiful,girl!
    maybe you have myspace or something like that!
    then we can write. :)

  21. I'll echo everyone else by saying that these are gorgeous photos. I love that the two of you took these photos yourself going about your lives. So often pictures such as these are the result of elaborate photoshoots to reflect an unrealistic ideal of what feminine cycling should look like. Seeing these photos is refreshing and I'll have to start following Sequin much more closely now!


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