My week at Hiiumaa


On Sunday we
arrived at the lovely house in Nasva, Hiiumaa
ate delicious desserts

on Monday we
celebrated Midsummer's day

On Tuesday we
visited a port in Sõru

On Wednesday we
greeted the guys who had sailed around the world
celebrated Midsummer's day once more

On Thursday we
visited local sights
ate white chocolate with strawberries and basil
dined at weird pubs

On Friday we
visited a true Hiiu home
bought a lovely keyring

On Saturday we
went surfing
made pancakes

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  1. Looks like you had a lovely time!! :)

  2. ih , sa oled kolmandal pildil nii nunnu, selline ehmunud nägu peas :)
    see pisike on nii armas ka :)
    kas sa surfasid esimest korda? ,mis feeling oli ? tundus tore nädal olevat

  3. I am sorry to say what I am about to say...Your pictures are priceless! You have an eye for photography! The picture of the fire at night is astounding! The picture with all the boats is wonderful as well as the one where you have two geese(?) flying! I was going crazy with your pictures because I loved them all so much! Keep doing what you are doing.
    check out my trendy blog!

  4. The pictures are amazing.. i love the picture of the birds flying

    it looks like u had fun

    Vi from Cali

  5. those are beautiful pictures :]]
    i love that sewing machine one.
    and the one of you pouring coke haha

  6. Vau, lähen ise ka Hiiumaale järgmisel nädalal, aga kuigi käin seal tihti, ei ole ma seda saart kunagi nii ilusana näinud kui Sinu piltidel!

  7. kuule su linkides pole seda styleseeking zurichut enam, aga ma ei tea ardet, plz pane tagasi :D

  8. Wow I'd love to know how to surf too!! Finnish chocolat, yay! Fazer is the best!

  9. Your photos are amazing. I love the one of the birds. You definitely have an eye for a good photo!

  10. a lovely weekend well documented =)

  11. surfing looks like a lot of fun ^__^ love the nature photos

  12. Looks like you had a great time. Love the pictures!

  13. your pictures are breathtaking !

  14. OMG! You're back! That's great :) cause I already started missing Your posts :D
    We have midsummer's day here in Latvia too but we call it "Jāņi".
    Surfing looks like a lot of fun, I'm sure You had a great time - happy about it :)
    Thanks for making such an amazing blog :)

  15. Wow...really cool pictures (:
    Looks good to me!
    You have a very interesting blog.

  16. I love all of your pictures they are so cool and the colours are really cool too!


  17. Your photos are gorgeous. My favourite has to be the one inside the pub with the picture of the yak/bull? ANd also the washing basin with the lace handtowel. You have a wonderful eye!

  18. mis kaamera sul on ?

  19. These are such stunningly beautiful photographs! The port looked amazing, and those last few shots were fantastic :)

  20. You're so pretty, and I really like your style. :)

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