Tea time


I'm not a big fan of T-shirts. I think I actually only own like 3 or 4 T-shirts. But a shirt, I'd be proud to own would be Meryl Smith's "Tea Shirt". It's brilliant!
Meryl Serena Smith is a NY artist, whose most-known pieces include "
Excessory Baggage" and "Yarn Deer Headpiece" which was also a part of Benjamin Cho's fall collection. Meryl Smith keeps a blog, which you can read (and look) HERE.
photo: Todd Selby
Ma pole eriti T-särkide fänn. Mul ongi vist ainult paar-kolm T-särki üldse. Aga särk, mille omanik ma oleks uhkusega oleks on Meryl Smithi "Tee-särk". Lihtsalt geniaalne. Meryl Serena Smith on NY kunstnik, kelle tuntumate tööde juurde kuulub peale "Tee-särgi" ka "Excessory Baggage" ehk koera kujutav kott ning "Yarn Deer Headpiece" mis oli osa Benjamin Cho sügiskollektsioonist ning mis kujutas...hirve, mis nagu ülipikkade...põimuvate nööridega...ühesõnaga vaadake ise. Meryl Smith kirjutab ka blogi, mida saate lugeda (ja vaadata) SIIT.

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  1. Oh my.. kas see on silmapete või on seal tõesti mingi puru sees?:D
    Igatahes väga, VÄGA ilus T/tee-särk.

  2. Cätu - seal on sees päris teepuru :D

  3. That's so crazy, I love it!!


  4. this is quite possibly one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen. it is a brilliant idea made flawlessly.

  5. That is brilliant. Ahhh I love it.

  6. i love this post- this is such a great find. I would be proud to own that as well..im not that into tshirts either!

  7. the shirt is wonderful, reminds me of a tea bag
    im guessing thats the point of the post
    beautiful inspiration, thanks for sharing!

    check out my blog @

  8. It's amazing! I love it!


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