Perfect summerday


Yesterday was wiled away with books. I jumped on my bike, drove to my summer cottage, sat next to our empy pool and started reading. It was quite pleasant. The weather was wonderful and I was allured by raspberries, red and blackqurrants, cherries, strawberries, gooseberries. And Epp Petrone's impressions of America cheered me up as well. Summer is a wonderful time.
lightweight floral pouf skirt - asiajam | shirt - h&m | bag- vintage | shoes - link
Eilse päeva veetsin raamatute seltsis. Võtsin oma ratta, sõitsin suvekodusse tühja besseini äärde ning hakkasin lugema. Päris mõnus oli. Ilm oli soe ja igal pool ahvatlesid mind vaarikad, punased ja mustad sõstrad, kirsid, maasikad, tikrid. Ja Epp Petrone muljed Ameerikast tegid ka tuju rõõmsaks. Suvi on ilus aeg.

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  1. see on ilus! Ma armastan euroopa seelik, sorry my estonian isn't very good but yeah, hope you understand it cause I love your blog!

  2. wow , good work belphoebe (:

    väga ilus seelik ja jälle sa suutsid millegi ilusaga ja põnevaga hakkama saada :))

  3. Wow, what beautiful photos!!!
    you have a great style and the photos are so beautiful!


  4. I'm so jealous of your life!!!!!!!

    And those pictures are just beautiful!!!!!

  5. This outfit is encompasses the feeling of summertime!!

    Your blog is great :)


  6. Sounds like a great way to spend the day. Your outfit looks gorgeous.

  7. Your blog is my favourite, all of you outfits are stunning!
    What does your summer cottage look like? :)

  8. Anonymous 10:54 - Thank you! I don't really know how to descibe it. I may show it in this blog some day.

  9. Your pictures are so amazing and have no idea! Unless you that case thanks for taking such amazing and inspiring photographs! I love them all!
    check out my trendy blog!

  10. your photos are always so lovely!!

  11. wow i always love the pictures you take .
    they are so incredible.
    love that pretty skirt .
    love the idea of you having a summer cottage :)

  12. Aww this is such a cute outfit! Love it

  13. Sounds like a really good day (: I love your skirt and top.

  14. lovely outfit. so summery and perfect. adorable.

    ps. you're tagged.

  15. this color works so well on you :) very summer perfect!

  16. very cute! I specially love your skirt. I want one like that too

  17. Love your blog ! <3
    Keep on translating your blog to english ; )

  18. Ma ka just lõpetasin selle sama Epp Petrone Ameerikast jutustava raamatu :)

  19. It's just.. Perfect. Bag+Skirt+t-shirt= <3

  20. All is just perfect.
    BAG + SKIRT + T-SHIRT = <3


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