Cheap grace at the World of Hermès


Remember my LePetit Kelly? Paper Kelly stocked from the Hermès' website decorated my room for quite a while.
Now you can print and cut and glue yourself a Hermès 'Collier De Chien' ($1000) bracelet's paperversion from the Hermès' website's "more exciting" side (it's only more exciting because the other side of the page consits of beautiful items waaaay out of my price range and that...just makes me angry).
Just like the bag, there are also many designs for your Collier De Chien. I chose the one with ink spatters.
Paper Hermès... It's not that hard to wear out, right?
Mäletate mu LePetit Kellyt? Hermès kodulehelt "soetatud" paberist Kelly kaunistas mu tuba kaua aega. Nüüd on Hermès kodulehe põnevamal poolel (see on põnevam ainult selle pärast, et teine ajab oma ilusate asjadega mind vihale) võimalik välja printida ja endale meisterdada aga Hermès 'Collier De Chien' käevõru ($1000) paberversioon. Nagu koti puhul, on ka Collier De Chienil mitu erinevat disaini. Mulle meeldis kõige rohkem tindiplekkidega kujundus ja selle ma endale ka tegin.
Paberist Hermès... Seda pole vist väga raske välja kanda, eks?

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  1. Really Awesome, i will try it.

  2. beautiful!!!

    check out my blog @

  3. Haha, this is so quirky and cool. Love it!

  4. Cant wait to try! thanks for posting this!

  5. this is so amazing. i can't wait to try it.

  6. kas sa tuled GAG-i? Sa kunagi mainisid vist oma blogis seda(?)

  7. good idea! I going to visit the website right now!
    un saludo :)

  8. kuidas sa seda käevõru downloadisid? ma ei leia ühtegi kohta seal lehel kus seda downloadida saab:D

  9. this is really awsome.
    i tried it but i didn't know where to download it.
    i'm on the site where i can choose which one i like and where they say choose,download,...
    but i don't know where to download, can you tell me please?

  10. Anonymous - all vasakus nurgas on "i want it" ja siis avaneb see "lõige".

    PinkPlastik - on the left bottom corner click "I want it"

  11. This is so cool! thank you very much for sharing!

  12. i love this so much! makes me want to make one out of a studded bracelet that i already have

  13. no way!! you have THAT Hermes
    I saw it in red recently, gorgeous too

  14. Thank you i really didn't see it, i don't know why.

  15. That looks super nice. Much cheaper too :P


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