I opened your door without ringing the bell


Three more days, and then it's time for school again! I think now's the last time to get myself together and start writing without grammar mistakes. I have this sort of Eastern-European accent that comes with writing on keyboard. Without controlling myself, I would have started this post with "Three more day, then it time again for school!"

I wanna spend those last 3 days on something rememberable and there are many things at my summer To Do List I haven't done, but...I don't know. Three days of resting sounds enjoyable as well. It's like a long weekend or so...
I know nobody ever cares about those "Now Playing" things under posts, but today I've been listening to Alanis Morissette's Your House or the "hidden track" the w h o l e day, so I'm gonna do this-
Now Playing: Alanis Morissette - Your House
shoes - dorothy perkins | skirt - second-hand | top - zara | cape - second-hand | ring - gift from britt
Koolini on kolm päeva! Nüüd on vist viimane aeg võtta end kokku ja uuesti korralikult kirjavigadeta kirjutama õppida. Mul on mingisugune klaviatuuriga kaasnev vene aktsent. Ilma ennast kontrollimata oleks ma loomulikult alustanud seda postitust sõnadega "Koolini on kolm päev!" Tahaks need viimased päevad millegile väga meeldejäävale kulutada ja mu suve To Do Listis on veel päris mitu tegevust linnukeseta, aga ma ei viiiiitsi. Kolm päeva puhkust kõlab ka päris hästi. Ma tean, et kedagi kunagi ei huvitu neist "Now Playing" lauludest postituste all, ma tean et mind kunagi ei huvita, aga täna olen ma t e r v e päev kuulanud Alanis Morissette'i laulu Your House või "hidden track"i, niiet siit see tuleb-
Now Playing: Alanis Morissette - Your House

PS. Koostöös Britiga valmis FALLOS DIARIES ehk meie rõvedam pool, mis ootab lugejaid ;)

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  1. love these pictures.. and I'm jealous that your school hasn't started yet :o I was kind of excited for it, until it actually happened ;) it's so exhausting! enjoy those last days!

  2. The pictures are amazing! The sunset in the shots is so pretty and romantic! I have to get myself writing good too! We start school almost at the same time...i think.
    check out my trendy blog!

  3. could i ask what make your camera is please? the photos you have taken come out so well :)

  4. Anonymous - Thanks, it's Canon 500D

  5. Merily your photography is so amazing! It always keeps me coming back to your blog for more.

  6. Really beautiful photos--you look wonderful! Your ring is quite amazing, also ;]

  7. Gorgeous photographs as always and that ring you've got on has such a lurvly patterns on :)

    And YAY for Alanis Morissette

  8. Ohhh wow. These are such gorgeous photos. These capture such a lovely, relaxed mood...seriously good!

  9. Love these images what kind of camera do you use?

  10. beautiful photography.
    your ring is darling!

  11. wow. these pictures are gorgeous. i haven't been by the beach in ages. three days??
    i start school on sept 9th but i have orientation week from the 4th to 8th. but it's like a party week so i'm excited. what grade are you going into?

  12. FASHIONconfectionairy - thanks, it's Canon 500D

    Ruta - Thank you! I'm going to 10th :)

  13. the beach looks lovely and that cape is so cute

    Vi from Cali

  14. I love your ring! lovely pitures!
    un saludo :)

  15. I love the muted colors in your photographs - they're always so soothing and relaxing.

    Good luck on your first day back to school! The first few sentences of your post made me laugh.

  16. Love these pictures! The ocean is so beautiful and I am a big fan of that ring!
    Check out my fashion blog!


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