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I was desperately looking for a Loubuotin-like boots for this autumn. I even found a perfect pair, but my practical side just didn't let me buy them! Insted, it insisted I buy those adorable purple boots. They're like...cute! :D (I really need to get some sleep, this tired me is acting all weird)
About this practical side of mine. It's very useful...at times. But I think I really should use some balance. I need to have this fierce unpractical side too!
My practicalness is compensated by my conscienceless. When other people have like "devil" on one shoulder and "angel" on another then like we discovered yesterday, I have 2 evil sides and I'm telling you, it's not easy being sleazy.


Otsisin endale lakknahast Louboutin-tüüpi saapaid. Isegi leidsin. Aga minu praktiline pool keelas selliseid osta ja nüüd sain endale armsad lillad saapakesed. Need on nagu...nunnud! :D
Tõesti, magamata mina on nii arusaamatu.
Aga sellest praktilisest poolest veel, et see on küll väga kasulik ja kõik, aga mul peaks tasakaaluks ikka mingi fierce ebapraktiline pool ka olema!
Selle balanseerib vist see, et kui teistel on nagu vasakul(või paremal?) õlal nagu ingel ja vasakul kurat või midagi, siis minul on mõlemil õlal südametunnistuseta devilid, nagu me eile järeldusele jõudsime. Ütlen ausalt, päris raske on.

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  1. oh may i love the boots is soo damn cool.,.
    i always ur photos,.are u played with photo editor or something .,just pretty are smooth., :))

    stay in touch.,


  2. I love those boots, I'm looking for some flat ones like that too. :)

  3. mina ei saa aru kuidas te kõik neid liikuvaid pilte teete :D , need on nii vinged :D

  4. love them! can you 'unfold' them too?

  5. Hahaha i love that little video sequence at the end.

  6. i really love your blog,
    only just came across it!

    Your hair is fab too!


  7. Great designs! love them!!


  8. They're so cute! :D I've been looking for great boots for autumn, I'd love a pair like these!

  9. those boots are hot. and i love the video it's cute :)

  10. these are so gorgeous. i love the colour and ohh just everything about them

    they are sooo pretty

  11. and they're purple???
    wow...these are gonna be great with tights soon!!

  12. I love this boot and the video is so cute!
    un saludo

  13. i love how your photo turned out, did you use photoshop?
    and the animated pics is fun to look at, did you use /GIF animator?

  14. Roza - thank you! I used photoshop for both, the pictures and the animation :)

  15. Ummm
    May they be from Zara?
    I think I saw them yesterday in zara! I feel in love with them but then I found a new bag and I feel in love again!!
    The boots look good on you!

  16. The leather, the wooden platform + the heel, the fur...such a great mix! Love your shoes!

  17. Oh, those boots are breathtakingly beautiful! I love the animated gif you did demonstrating their awesomeness.


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