Pasta La Vista - Second evening at Helsinki


We didn't spend that much time at the flea-market on the second morning so when we took the bus to the city it was only 9 o'clock. Stores were empty, like they were open for just 2 of us. And we took advantage of that, spending about 2h at the fitting rooms.
Most of the time was spent at this one particular store, where all the prices were brought down to 1-2 euros. We emptied the store because we just couldn't choose what to buy.
(By accident) we also purchased matching "princess blouses" and since by that time we had matching babypink glittery blouses with lace and our fridge was filled with pink food, we decided to have a "Pink Picnic".
Our throwaway grill was used to barbeque exactly 2 marshmallows and by the end out our picnic we both had sugar poisonings. We actually had to go home and rest before heading out again.
Since we had only eaten sweets the whole day, we decided to drive to the city and eat a healthy meal at some restaurant so we could go on with our plans. We narrowed the choices down to 2- Pasta la Vista and Wrong Noodle Bar. None of them sounded delicious so we just replaced that meal with shopping.
Kirbuturul meil teise päeva hommikul kaua aega ei kulunud ning kui linna poole sõitsime oli kell alles kuskil 9. Poed oleks olnud nagu ainult meile avatud ja me kasutasime seda väga ära. Proovikabiinides veetsime me v ä h e m a l t 2 tundi. Kõige kauem läks meil ühes poes, mille nime ma parem ei nimetaks, kus proovisime kaupa, mis oli alla hinnatud ühele, kahele eurole ja mille üle me alguses meeltesegaduses (ning poe "staatust" arvestades) kõvasti naersime kuid hiljem enamus asju endale soetasime. Suutsime ka (by accident) osta ühesugused "printsessi pluusid" ning kuna meil olid selleks ajaks juba olemas matchivad heleroosad/sädelevad/pitsiga pluusid ning kapp oli täis roosasid toite otsustasime pidada "Roosa Pikniku".
Meie ühekordne grill leidis kasutust täpselt kahe vahukommi grillimisel ja pikniku lõpuks olime saanud suhkrumürgituse ning pidime kodus vahepeal puhkama enne välja minekut.
Kuna me olime terve päeva jooksul ainult magusaid asju söönud, otsustasime sõita linna ja mingis söögikohas kiiresti kõhud täis süüa et siis edasi liikuda. Valikus oli restoran Pasta La Vista ning Wrong Noodle Bar. Kumbki ei olnud eriti kutsuv ning otsustasime söögikorra asendada shoppamisega.

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  1. You take wonderfully vivid and colorful photos - they really come to life and I want to be transported into each and every one of them.

    Also, I love all the pink things you guys are eating. Looks like a fun day!

  2. kust sul see nahkjakk pärit on? Bershka? :) mul samasugune, vist.

  3. You can never have enough pink, mark my words. By now I'm dying to go to Helsinki.. a WRONG noodle bar? These beautiful locations? A store where everything together is actually available? Whoa.

  4. wow, when i saw all that pink food and drink i was like 'mmmm' haha.
    you both look so beautiful :)

  5. Hey!

    I've been reading your blog for a long time, and I completely love it!

    Your fashion sense has been an inspiration to me, but I have one question:
    Your photos all have this hazy but really clear look to them- how do you get that? What kind of camera do you use?

    Thanks so much for blogging- you're definetly my favorite!

  6. I love your pink picnic, specially the Hello Kitty´s Pez!!!


  7. Wow, that looks like the most lovely little picnic of sweets!

    I am loving ur blog, would u care to exchange links?!


  8. haha it looks like an awesome picnic. pink things are amazing. it looks like you both had so much fun :)

  9. The Pink Picnic is hilerious! Your photography is so out of this world...the colour and detail you capture is so incredibly beautiful!

  10. you guys are gorgeous and adorable! this are fantastic pictures!

  11. All these images are simply amazing.
    I can't get enough of your blog.
    I subscribed the instant I came across it.

  12. your photos are always so pretty! and i love your hello kitty pez :)

  13. the sweets are so pink, wonderful pictures! like your blog xxxx

  14. Sa ju alles käisid Soomes?:D
    Ja kas sa kirjutad samal päeval sama päeva tegemistest või kirjutad näiteks laupäevast pühapäeval jne?

  15. Rudi - Thank you, I use Canon 500D.

    Anonymous - Ma käisin viimati suve alguses. Ja ma kirjutan tavaliselt samal päeval, aga need postitused Soome kohta on hiljem kirjutatud. :)

  16. our styles are really different (meaning i would never wear florals or pink) but i like your dressing. and the idea of a color themed picnic is so fun!


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