Oak, ash and thorn


As you may have noticed, I've been really busy lately. It's not that much about school, but overall, I don't know... I think I may have autumn depression. It's not depression and it has nothing to do with the fact that it's autumn, but still...
Actually, I kind of like autumn. Like today, I had dilemma- should I wear my strappy sandals or ankle boots. Of course I went with sandals. Of course it started to rain cats and dogs and when I first tried to find dry spots to step on, then after a car drove through a puddle making me all drippy I thought "Who cares!" and stepped in every mud puddle on my way with my bags on one hand and a umbrella with Winnie the Pooh on it on other hand.

dress and belt - asiajam | shoes - marco tozzi | jacket - bershka
Ma vihkan Saku Konsumi rattahoidjaid! Aga see selleks. Nagu te olete vist taibanud, olen ma viimasel ajal väga busy olnud. Asi polegi väga koolis, aga üldse, mul on vist mingi sügismasendus. Ainult et see pole masendus ja sellel pole mitte mingit seost sügisega. Sügis on tegelikult üsna fun. Näiteks täna hommikul oli mul dilemma- kas panna jalga poolsaapad või lahtised suvekingad. Loomulikult valisin ma suvekingad. Loomulikult hakkas poolel teel padukat sadama ja kui ma oma karupoeg puhhi vihmavarjuga kooli poole jalutades alguses viitisin veel kuivemaid spote leida kuhu astuda, siis kui auto mind juba üleni täis pritsis, andsin ma alla ning sumpasin läbi igast munakivide vahele kogunenud lombikesest.

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  1. Seee on tavaline asi juba et kui sul midagi sellist seljas ja siis hakkab vihma sadama :)
    Karupoeg puhhi vihmavari on nunnu :)
    Hästi ilusad pildid on sul ka alati ;d

  2. aww it rained here aswell, the one day i dont bring my umbrella! lol oh well:p i love your jacket :) x

  3. HI! Oh I love your dress...I can't get enough of jumper dresses right now and grey is a really nice colour on you!! :D

  4. I really like the neckline on this dress, it makes it way more interesting
    It would be mine

  5. I love your dress and I think the sandals are a cute touch!

  6. you look great

    Vi from Cali

  7. I love your blog, and you're gorgeous.
    The outfit is timeless, and absolutely adore leather jackets. You can throw them over any skirt, or romper and make it look effortlessly rocker chic.
    And the pictures have such an amazing hue and color. Especially the rainbow shot.
    Love it!

  8. pretty rainbow! and i love your bike.

  9. such pretty pics. I too am feeling a little blah. I need a change...which means shopping :)


  10. I love the outfit!! Great images!!

  11. i always do that. the one day i decide to wear flats and skirts or something, the weather is horrible, and the one day i decide to bundle up, it's super nice out. lol. i love your jacket !! :)

  12. cute pictures. the ones with the bikes is beautiful.

  13. you look so pretty! but i understand fall depression- its so sad when the good weather fades away!

  14. wowoh terrific,.
    je adore these pictr are fab.,.gorg
    je aime,.

  15. perfection! truly love these photographs. work it so well! ;D so happy to see them. Talking bout your outfit, oh.. such an adorable style. Loving the jacket so much!

  16. Olen juba pikemat aega jälginud Sinu blog ning alati on see huvitav ja sisukas. Imetlusväärne :)

  17. nice picture!!! and pretty beautiful face youve got!!


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