Hazing equipment- day one


I'm really sorry for the lack of posts lately. Actually, I wanted to write to you tomorrow yesterday, but my computer starter to write backwards... Crazy, I know!
Anyhow, what I wanted to tell you was that I got new...wellies!
I've always been the person who never wears wellies when out of the forest (and actually I don't like wearing them in the forest as well so yeah...I just don't wear them), but last summer in Sweden, I fell in love with a pair of plain black rubber boots and when I now saw them in Estonia I knew I had to get them. They're perfect and I'm s o going to wear them with everything.
Starting tomorrow, when we have our second day of hazing.
Today nothing special happended- usual garlic, oil, horseradish; dodgebroiler, fight between foxes, rams and polar squirrels; shirts with oddly placed holes etc.

Vabandust, et ma väga kaua ei ole postitanud. Tegelikult oli mul plaanis midagi kirjutada eile, kuid siis otsustas mu arvuti teha väikse viguri ja kogu teksti tagurpidi kirjutada. Täielik müstika!
Igatahes, millest ma rääkida tahtsin olid nimelt mu uued kummikud.
Ma olen alati olnud see inimene, kes kummikuid metsast kaugemal jalga ei pane (ja üldiselt ka metsa minnes olen ma tavaliselt suutnud kummikutest pääseda...), aga eelmisel suvel Rootsis armusin ma ära tavalistesse mustadesse roosa sisuga kummikutesse ning kui ma nüüd samasuguseid Eestis nägin, teadsin ma et pean need ära ostma, mida ma ka tegin. Ja nüüd on mul maailam perfektseimad kummikud ja ma kavatsen neid igal pool kandma hakata.
Selleks on hea võimalus homme, kui on meie rebaste retsimise teine ametlik päev.
Täna meil midagi erilist koolis ei tehtnud- usual küüslauk, õli, mädarõigas; rahvastebroiler; kätš oinaste ja polaaroravatega; kahtlaselt paigutatud aukudega pluusid jm.

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  1. eile oli minu arust yesterday

  2. Ma nägin sind vist reedel. Oli meeldiv ja mulle meeldivad su kummikud.

  3. Anonymous - haah :D olin mõtetega mujal või midagi vist... :D

  4. Kust saab selliseid kummikuid?

  5. Anonymous - Minu omad on pärit Viru tn Lindexist.

  6. Very cute boots :) I've been searching for some to hold up in the Chicago rain.
    What are you hazing for?

  7. love these..totally gorgeous
    have fun wearing them, hope they serve well

    check out my blog @

  8. i've been eyeing a similar pair:( makes me want to get them all the more haha:D love your boots:)

  9. I love them! The pink inside is just awesome! I search a funny pair like that.

  10. I've been thinking about that too: wearing old-school, plain rubber boots to.. everywhere :) it may not be comfy nor is it flattering but there's something about it ;)

  11. I love black wellies I just got a pair of black hunter ones!

  12. really beautiful blog!!


  13. Jah, ilmselt nii see on


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