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End of the months suck- especially when you have to spend your last pennies on an UMBRELLA! Yes, my favourite umbrella decided to break right during the rain season. At least my new one is as cute as the previous one, but yeah...my last pennies!

After school I bumped into Laura and we went to see the September Issue. I really liked the movie. I've been in love with André Leon Talley since last winter and seeing him in this movie cheered me up. I found a cozy and soft (like REALLY soft) coat at Zara and I could really imagine it on him. He'd look like a teddy bear wearing it, though.
After the movie experience we went to the cafe Little Paris. They played French music and they had armchairs with dog patterns!
shoes - from helsinki | dress - flea market | brooch - vintage |skirt - secondhand | bag - miu miu | coat, scarf - ag
Kuulõpud on nii nõmedad- eriti kui peab oma viimased kopikad kulutama VIHMAVARJULE! Jah, mu lemmikvihmavari otsustas katki minna vihmahooajal. Aga see-eest on mu uus vihmakas sama armas kui eelmine, niiet jah. Aga siiski...mu viimased kopikad! Juhtusin peale kooli kokku ka Lauraga, kellega käisime vaatamas "Septembrinumbrit". See kõlab nii vastikult eesti keeles...nagu KÜMME! Igatahes, film oli väga hea minu arust. Ma olen juba alates eelmisest talvest suuuur André Leon Talley fänn ja ka selles filmis tema nägemine tegi mu meele nii rõõmsaks. Leidsime Zarast ülipehme (nagu ÜLI ÜLI pehme) jaki ja ma kujutaks teda nii hästi hetkel ette selles. Ta näeks välja nagu karumõmm, aga see selleks. Peale filmielamust (See oli tõesti elamus. Kuigi ma jäin poolepeal magama, ei olnud see üldse filmi süü, lihtsalt mul on raskusi üle 12h üleval olemisega koolipäevadel) läksime sööma. Külastasin esmakordselt kohvikut Väike Pariis (vist oli nii?). Kohvik oli hästi õdus (ja ma ei kasuta seda sõna isegi!)- mängis prantsuse muusika ja tugitoolid olid koeramustrilised. Pannkookidega eriti hästi mul seal ei läinud, aga siiski...neil olid koertega tugitoolid ju!

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  1. Hi Merily,

    I'm doing well...busy busy busy!!

    I so want to see the september issue, it looks so good! i saw coco before chanel yesterday, it was pretty good, Audrey Tautou is amazing!


  2. Hey Merily,
    I tagged you. But it's a German tagg, so I don't know if you wanna 'answer' it.
    It just says that your blog is very creative and stuff. Don't hesitate to leave a comment and ask questions, if you have some.
    Wish you a nice day. (:


  3. Lovely post!
    Cute outfits!


  4. Great post and I love the images! Have fun!

  5. i really enjoyed the september issue- they should make more movies like that :)
    such pretty pictures

  6. i love your friend for wearing suspenders! those things are strongly underrated. I am also in love with your dress :O great find! and the place you guys went looks so cute..

  7. Oh,I adore the umbrella.And all the photos are great.And I particulary loved the way you rolled up your sleve.It looks really nice !

  8. i also liked the september issue. it was good! can't wait until it comes out on dvd. loveee grace coddington :)

  9. i love my umbrella too - sucked. and it was so cute. it had ruffles. now i have to use a super boring one. and that cafe looks adorable!

  10. i love those photos, and you have an amazing fashion sense!

  11. I love the photos and I really want to see the september issue! It just came out in Canada


  12. Love this, all these photos are so pretty!


  13. LOVE the looks and the photos
    gorgeous darling, thanks for sharing
    i always love the antique feel and hew behind your shots, so beautiful!
    thanks for sharing, keep it up, love the blog

    visit my blog @

  14. I am so in love with your bag. Been trying to find a similar one here in the Philippines but failed...

  15. Love your umbrella.
    And your whole outfit, and your hair! I've been dying to french braid my hair on the sides, but now that I cut it, I'll just have to wait until it grows out.
    And I really wanted to go see the september issue!
    Anna Wintour is a revolutionary of fashion.
    And those pastries look exquisite.
    ♥ lovely blog.
    - Nata.

  16. je adore ur fabulous bag,awesome coat ,sweet dress,cool shoes and ur scarf is chic .
    much love <33333

  17. Kohtavalt armas vihmavari !

  18. Hey,
    Just stumbled across your blog, I love it. Where is the Tan Handbag from you are pictured with? I adore it! Thanks :) Kelly xx

  19. Kelly - Thank you! It's miu miu

  20. If i may ask, siis kust sa endale selle kena vihmavarju soetasid ?

  21. But that's a very cute umbrella!
    And a very tasty looking pancacke.

  22. xoxo - vihmavari oli impulss-ost viru keskuse aatriumist :)

  23. i miss the summer too...its very weird here in Los Angeles...The weather is super cold then ...this week its super hot! Im enjoying the craziness of the warm weather tho... Im taking advantage before it all goes away!


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