Shimmering tights at Tiina Talumees' fashion show


Yesterday I went to Tiina Talumees' fashion show with Elis. I finally had a chance to wear my new sparkling tights from AsiaJam. The show itself was amazing. I loved the gorgeous dresses and the set and the music and everything was just perfect.
tights - asiajam | earrings - pilgrim | dress - ag | cardigan - zara
Eile õhtul käisin Elisega Tiina Talumehe moeshowl. Leidsin lõpuks võimaluse kanda oma uusi silmipimestavaid (seda sõnaotseses mõttes) sukki AsiaJamist. Need on v ä g a sädelevad, nagu...mul pole vist helkurit vaja kandagi nende sukkadega. Ühesõnaga, showst. Kleidid olid kohutavalt kenad. I mean, kohutavalt kohutavalt kenad. Kuigi sellise Hispaania teemaga võib väga lihtsalt mööda panna, oli seal kõik täpselt piiri peal ja mõjus suurepäraselt.
Peale showd sain kokku Birksiga, et midagi ette võtta, aga mu õhtu möödus siiski lõpuks bussipeatuses uut MOODi lugedes.

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  1. Su juuksed on juba nii pikad , niinii ilusad .
    Ilusad tightsid (:

  2. the tights are possibly the coolest things i've ever seen :)
    i may just have to search for some similar ones

  3. ma lugesin ka eile õhtul just bussipeatuses MOODi :d

  4. I have tights like this ! They look lovely on you!

  5. Amazin photos!

    Thank you very much for coming to my blog and leaving your commentary.

    I wait for your next update. I follow u!


  6. wow the fashion show set up is amazing, love them tights girl

  7. wow, väga ilus soeng :) ja mind tõesti huvitab kust sa kuuled või saad teada nendest moeshowdest, kunstiöödest jne ? Ja mis kaamerat sa kasutad ?

  8. I don't know why, but i cant see pics. aww : /

  9. Those tights are so cute, i wil be checking out Asia jam, so cute!

  10. Nice pics, I love your leggings you look very chic

  11. OOh you look gorgeous! I love your tights! Must have been a fun night!

  12. J - Aitäh.
    Ma kasutan Canon 500D'd ja kust ma neist üritustest ei teagi :D

  13. Omg! i just found your blog.. and totally in love with. <333333333

  14. The tights are wonderful! I like how you played the monochromatic look - very chic :)

  15. hey girl u will appear in the next post of my blog
    ill follow u
    comment back

  16. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Cute outfit, you're v. pretty!


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