Tallinn Fashion Week 2009


I'm back home. A lot has happened during the last week. Lets start from...snow. The storm began exactly when we were having an outdoor assembly and listening to the novel "Shepherds of Lasnamägi" for 45 minutes totally ruined my "first sno experience". Snow on the other hand ruined my plan of wearing strappy shoes for the last time this year (yes, I had that plan) and when I stepped out of the school with my 5 luggages (from which one was completely filled with shoes) I was really disappointed.
Actually I really like snow. Kadriorg looked amazingly beautiful when all the paste coloured wooden buildings were covered with snow.
Anyhow, on Saturday, me and Laura went to the Baltika fashion street to attend the Tallinn Fashion Week. At first it wasn't very promising- we had to ride the elevator up and down for three times because the place was too crowded bu seats at first row cheered us up. The show itself was great. It fit my mood exactly- black on black, different textures and interesting cuts.
The evening ended with a long walk in the old town- thank god I didn't wear my strappys.
blazer - monton | blouse - vintage | skirt - vintage
Olen tagasi kodus. Vahepeal on palju juhtunud. Alustaksin näiteks...lumest. Lumetorm algas täpselt meie väliaktuse ajal ning 45 minutit "Lasnamäe Lambureid" rikkus täielikult mu esimese lume kogemuse ära. Lumi omakorda rikkus aga ära võimaluse veel viimast korda sellel aastal lahtiseid kingi kanda (jah, mul oli see plaan...) ning kui ma siis oma 5 kohvriga (millest 1 täitsid tervenisti kingad) koolist välja astusin oli mu pettumus suur. Tegelikult mulle meeldib lumi. Kadriorg oli lihtsalt uskumatult kena kui kõik pastelsetes toonides puumajad lumega kaetud olid.
Igatahes laupäeval seadsime Lauraga sammud Baltika moetänavale Tallinn Fashion Weekile, Marit Illissoni showle. Algus ei olnud paljutõotav- sõitsime liftiga kolm korda üles-alla, sest rahvas lihtsalt ei mahtunud saali. Kohad esireas tegid aga tuju paremaks ning show ise sobis mu meeleoluga suurepäraselt- must mustaga, erinevad tekstuurid ja põnevad lõiked.
Õhtu lõppes jalutuskäiguga lumises vanalinnas- thank god et ma oma strappysid siiski jalga ei pannud.

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  1. Great photos! I'm so jealous!
    Love that red blazer also.. reminds me of little red riding hood. Hmm.
    It would be mine

  2. fantastic photos.
    i love the winter ones.

  3. wow! *-*
    I really love your style and photos and everything x)

    I really really really really love it (:

    sinu blog on väga hea (:
    mulle meeldib sinu blog ja sina style! (:
    sa oled iluuuuus (väga) ♥

  4. Such beautiful pictures, really! The colors look so vibrant and you're looking so pretty.
    I love your blazer - such a cool color.

  5. Oh kui head pildid, järjekordselt! :)

  6. these pics are awesome. i LOVE that pink blazer <3


  7. Gorgeous photos! It looks like so much fun!

    xo Micaela

  8. amazing pictures and u looks so terrific at all :))
    bissooouuss xoxox<3333

  9. love your pictures, what kind of camera do you use?!!!


  10. i love everything about both of your outfits! they look so lovely!

  11. huhu i like those photos ( cause i didnt understand a thing :)

  12. you're back! It seems like you haven't been posting as much recently, I have missed your blog :) It looks like its already winter for you! Love the pictures, so pretty x

  13. Great pictures! Love the hot pink blazer!

    your friends at...

  14. everytime i visit your site..it makes me happy...keep it up love! xoxo aja

  15. I love your blog!
    Visit my new blog www.abitoffashion.com and, if you want, leave some comments! Thanks

  16. Wow, gorgeous photos. A very interesting trip!

  17. Kadriorg ja vanalinn on tõesti lumega väga kenad :) väga ilusad pildid!


  18. Gorgeous pictures, love!

    That pink blazer, wow! It's amazing :)

    Glad you had such a nice time, the snow is so beautiful!



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