31 August, 2009

Feature at SNAP!

I love getting packages! Today, right before leaving my house (which meant I had to carry the pack with me the whole day) I checked my mail and found a thin pack with magazine SNAP! from Canada in it. It had an article about lookbook.nu and a whole page of moi in it.
Ma armastan pakkide saamist! Täna leidsin hetk enne kodust lahkumist (mille tõttu pidin seda terve päev kaasas kandma) enda postkastist õhukese paki, milles oli ajakiri SNAP! Kanadast. Selles oli artikkel lookbook.nu'st ning leidsin ka mulle pühendatud lehekülje.

Cheap grace at the World of Hermès

Remember my LePetit Kelly? Paper Kelly stocked from the Hermès' website decorated my room for quite a while.
Now you can print and cut and glue yourself a Hermès 'Collier De Chien' ($1000) bracelet's paperversion from the Hermès' website's "more exciting" side (it's only more exciting because the other side of the page consits of beautiful items waaaay out of my price range and that...just makes me angry).
Just like the bag, there are also many designs for your Collier De Chien. I chose the one with ink spatters.
Paper Hermès... It's not that hard to wear out, right?
Mäletate mu LePetit Kellyt? Hermès kodulehelt "soetatud" paberist Kelly kaunistas mu tuba kaua aega. Nüüd on Hermès kodulehe põnevamal poolel (see on põnevam ainult selle pärast, et teine ajab oma ilusate asjadega mind vihale) võimalik välja printida ja endale meisterdada aga Hermès 'Collier De Chien' käevõru ($1000) paberversioon. Nagu koti puhul, on ka Collier De Chienil mitu erinevat disaini. Mulle meeldis kõige rohkem tindiplekkidega kujundus ja selle ma endale ka tegin.
Paberist Hermès... Seda pole vist väga raske välja kanda, eks?

29 August, 2009

Florals and layers of black

Today, there was an autumn flea-market few hundred meters from my home, so I decided to visit it. On one hand, it was extremely lovely- my Saturday morning was spent among nice people and I got myself a coat, necklace, blouse and cardigan. On the other hand...I had a h u g e and hurtful bruise on my forehead and my head hurt the w h o l e time!
Well, I'll tell you the whole story now.
I was having a Friday night in, with Sex and the City marathon. I was home alone so I decided to try my new face mask. But at some point, this mask decided to find my eyes and make them hurt.
Drama. So I ran to the dark bathroom with my eyes closed and crashed against my doorjamb. After the bigger pain had passed, it felt so funny to me! I sat on the bathroom floor with my green face and water coming from one eye and laughed at my self for quite a long time. There went my quiet evening with Carrie and the crew.
PS. I think Carrie should have married that russian, Aleksandr, instead...
tights - topshop | shoes - link | dress - lindex | cardigan - zara | necklace - flea market | skirt - topshop
Täna toimus siin Saku Sügistäika. Ühest küljest oli see ülimalt tore- laupäevahommik oli mõnusalt sisustatud ja sain endale mantli, kalekee, pluusi ja kampsuni. Teisest küljest...oli mul otsaees suur ja valus sinikas ning mu pea valutas terve aeg! Noh, ma räägin siis juba selle loo pikema versiooni. Käimas oli friday night in, Sex and the City maratoniga. Ma olin üksi kodus ning otsustasin ajaviiteks proovida oma uut näomaski. Mingil hetkel otsustas see sama mask aga mulle silma minna. Draama. Jooksin silmad kinni pimeda vannitoa poole, turbokiirusel otse vastu uksepiita. Peale suurema valu möödumist, tundus see mulle niiiii naljakana. Istusin vannitoa põrandale, rohelise näoga, maskisest silmast vett jooksmas ning naersin mitu minutit enda üle. Sinna läks siis rahulik õhtu Carrie and the crew seltsis. PS. Minu arust oleks pidanud Carrie hoopis selle venelase, Aleksandriga abielluma...

28 August, 2009

I opened your door without ringing the bell

Three more days, and then it's time for school again! I think now's the last time to get myself together and start writing without grammar mistakes. I have this sort of Eastern-European accent that comes with writing on keyboard. Without controlling myself, I would have started this post with "Three more day, then it time again for school!"
I wanna spend those last 3 days on something rememberable and there are many things at my summer To Do List I haven't done, but...I don't know. Three days of resting sounds enjoyable as well. It's like a long weekend or so...
I know nobody ever cares about those "Now Playing" things under posts, but today I've been listening to Alanis Morissette's Your House or the "hidden track" the w h o l e day, so I'm gonna do this-
Now Playing: Alanis Morissette - Your House
shoes - dorothy perkins | skirt - second-hand | top - zara | cape - second-hand | ring - gift from britt
Koolini on kolm päeva! Nüüd on vist viimane aeg võtta end kokku ja uuesti korralikult kirjavigadeta kirjutama õppida. Mul on mingisugune klaviatuuriga kaasnev vene aktsent. Ilma ennast kontrollimata oleks ma loomulikult alustanud seda postitust sõnadega "Koolini on kolm päev!" Tahaks need viimased päevad millegile väga meeldejäävale kulutada ja mu suve To Do Listis on veel päris mitu tegevust linnukeseta, aga ma ei viiiiitsi. Kolm päeva puhkust kõlab ka päris hästi. Ma tean, et kedagi kunagi ei huvitu neist "Now Playing" lauludest postituste all, ma tean et mind kunagi ei huvita, aga täna olen ma t e r v e päev kuulanud Alanis Morissette'i laulu Your House või "hidden track"i, niiet siit see tuleb-
Now Playing: Alanis Morissette - Your House

PS. Koostöös Britiga valmis FALLOS DIARIES ehk meie rõvedam pool, mis ootab lugejaid ;)

27 August, 2009

N-n-n-new bo-boooooots rakatungtungrakatungonburubummbummbumm

I was desperately looking for a Loubuotin-like boots for this autumn. I even found a perfect pair, but my practical side just didn't let me buy them! Insted, it insisted I buy those adorable purple boots. They're like...cute! :D (I really need to get some sleep, this tired me is acting all weird)
About this practical side of mine. It's very useful...at times. But I think I really should use some balance. I need to have this fierce unpractical side too!
My practicalness is compensated by my conscienceless. When other people have like "devil" on one shoulder and "angel" on another then like we discovered yesterday, I have 2 evil sides and I'm telling you, it's not easy being sleazy.

Otsisin endale lakknahast Louboutin-tüüpi saapaid. Isegi leidsin. Aga minu praktiline pool keelas selliseid osta ja nüüd sain endale armsad lillad saapakesed. Need on nagu...nunnud! :D
Tõesti, magamata mina on nii arusaamatu.
Aga sellest praktilisest poolest veel, et see on küll väga kasulik ja kõik, aga mul peaks tasakaaluks ikka mingi fierce ebapraktiline pool ka olema!
Selle balanseerib vist see, et kui teistel on nagu vasakul(või paremal?) õlal nagu ingel ja vasakul kurat või midagi, siis minul on mõlemil õlal südametunnistuseta devilid, nagu me eile järeldusele jõudsime. Ütlen ausalt, päris raske on.

26 August, 2009

Breakfast at Tiffany's and John Lennon - Last night at Helsinki

The last sighting in Helsinki was the Olympic stadion, where we watched football and asynchronous cheerleaders. We also went to the Olympic Tower and that was i t- we had to start packing and go the the harbour.
eiffel tower earrings
By accident, we were on the same ship with the people who we met when we were on our way to Helsinki. Little did we know that in a matter of time we are surrounded by a v e r y musical company who make multi-tone versions of songs and refer to Finnish tango as "dashing meldoy". Let me put is this way- our boatride was just very...very musical. We listened to Estonian hitsongs' catchier versions, "My Heart Will Go On" with a great Finnish accent coming from the front of the ship and right before leaving, we "enjoyed" tribute to MJ by the boys choir which made everybodys' eyes wet (I feel so heartless not crying to acapella). Little girls found John Lennon's "Stand By Me" very teardropping as well. *tears up*
knit dressolympic towerhelsinki cheerleadersviewhttp://img17.imageshack.us/img17/4633/b10brh.jpghttp://img32.imageshack.us/img32/3985/64819221.jpghttp://img6.imageshack.us/img6/2526/85162676.jpghttp://img32.imageshack.us/img32/78/38892735.jpghttp://img31.imageshack.us/img31/2866/30761080.jpg
shoes - link | dress - flea market | belt - vintage | pin - vintage | bag - h&m
Viimaseks sightinguks Helsinkis oli olümpiastaadion, kus vaatasime jalgpalli ja asünkroonseid cheerleadereid. Käisime ka olümpiatorni tipus ning oligi kõik- pakkisime asjad ja sõitsime sadamasse.
Olime sattunud samasse laeva inimestega, kellega juhuslikult kohtusime Helsingisse minnes ning little did we know et varsti oleme mingi musikaalse grupi keskmes kus kõik teevad lauludele mitmehäälseid seadeid ja nimetava soomlaste tango laule "hoogsateks". Laevasõit oligi selle tõttu...musikaalne. Kuulasime pühendusega meile lauldud kolmehäälset "Kikilipsu" ning laevaninast kostvat soome aksendiga "My Heart Will Go On"i. Enne väljumist "nautisime" ka austusavaldust Michael Jacksonile poistekoori esituses mis kõigil silmad märjaks võttis (tunnen end nii südametuna, et akapella laulud mind nutma ei aja). Väikestele tüdrukutele läks peale ka John Lennoni "Stand By Me". *tears up*

25 August, 2009

спасибо большое! - Helsinki, Day 3 (last day!)

It was the last and concise morning in Helsinki. We (literally) popped in at the Design museum where everybody for some weird reason thought we were Russian.
We looked at some church trhough the bushes (since we were too tired to go closer) and visited the flea market, which this time was much more crowded.
From the flea market I found t h e most gorgeous bag but since the lady selling the bag aslo sold vintage Chloe, Balenciaga and Chanel, I didn't dare to ask for the price. When I finally did, I wasn't shocked, but still you know, it was WAY out of my price range. I left the flea market with pair of simple black flats bought from a lovely lady in gorgeous lightblue dress.
We got home in the same magic tram, that changes its route number and confuses everyone, we used last time. It aslo passed the "Helsinki ghetto" so the tram was filled with bizarre people. We had to sit next to 2 antic men because other vacant seats were conquered by a guy with muddy feet :(
PS. The AUTUMN SALE is waiting for you at the previous post!
skirt - selfmade | shoes - link | bag - miu miu | bodysuit - vintage
Oli viimane ja sisutihe hommik Helsingis. (sõna otseses mõttes) hüppasime läbi Disainimuuseumist kus millegipärast oldi väga kindlad selles, et me oleme venelased.
Vaatasime (puude taga asetsevat) kirikut (kuhu me lähemale minna ei viitsinud) ning külastasime (juba natuke tihedamalt asjadega täidetud) kirbuturgu.
Kirbuturult leidsin ma maailma ilusaima koti. Kuna sama leedi müüs ka Chloe, Balenciaga ning Chaneli vintaget ei olnud mu lootused selle koti odavuses väga kõrged ning kui ma talt lõpuks hinda küsisin sain ma oodatud vastuse ning kott oli mu hinnaklassist (kaugel) eemal. Aah, love you mu perfektne hall punutud kotike... Lahkusingi kirbuturult, saades sealt vaid paari klassikalisi musti kingi kena helesinise kleidiga neiult.
Koju sõitsime me taaskord selle magaic trammiga, mis liini numbrit poole teepeal vahetab ja kõiki segadusse ajab. Tramm viis meid koju ringiga, läbides vaheapeal ka "Helsingi getot" ja selle tõttu oli tramm täis veidrikke. Me pidime istuma kahe imeliku mehe vastu, sest ainsad teised vabad pingid oli vallutanud poriste jalgadega mees (Raudselt Nigeeriast- kinnitas Britt mulle) :(
PS. AUTUMN SALE ootab kõiki huvilisi eelmises postituses!

24 August, 2009

Autumn Shoe and Bag SALE!

I was cleaning out my closet with a very cheery mood while listening to Art Brut - DC Comics And Chocolate Milkshakes and found some shoes and bags I really like, but haven't worn in a while so I thought- why not sell them to somewone who really appreciates them. I know it'll cost a lot to send shoes internationally, but bags shouldn't be a problem, so take a look!
(If you're interested in purchasing any of these items e-mail me at sm.blog@hot.ee and if you want ta ask me something leave me a comment)
Tracking number is for extra charge, ask if you're interested in it.
CLICK on the picture to see more pictures of the same item!
Used Marc by Marc Jacobs Red Jelly Flats EUR size 38 as seen here and here for $35 (price for new pair was $90) +$10 for shipping

Vintage purse for $5 +$5 for shipping
NEW Spirit flats EUR size 39 for $15 (price at store was $65) +$8 for shipping
Vintage Fringe clutch for for $5 +$4 for shipping
Leather Bullboxer Oxfords worn twice, EUR size 39 for $40 (price for new pair was $100) +$17 for shipping
Vintage navy clutch for $7 +$4 for shipping

Vintage platforms EUR size 39 for $10 +$22 for shipping (they're quite heavy)

Used Dior bag for $10 +$6 for shipping
Koristasin siin oma kappi ja olin väga lõbusas tujus kuulates Art Brut - DC Comics And Chocolate Milkshakes ja leidsin mõned kotid ja kingad mis mulle väga meeldivad, kuid mida pole kaua kandnud ja siis mõtlesin, et miks mitte need kellelegi, kes neid rohkem hindaks, maha müüa. Kingade postiga saatmine on vist suht kallis niiet soovitatavalt müüks need Tallinna lähiümbruses elavatele inimestele, aga kottide postiga saatmine pole vist probleem, niiet vaadake üle, äkki meeldib midagi!
(Kui millegi ostmisest huvitatud oled, kirjuta mulle sm.blog@hot.ee ning kui millegi kohta küsimusi on jäta siia kommentaar)
Klikka pildile üleval, et näha rohkem pilte samast esemest!

Kasutatud Marc by Marc Jacobsi kingad nagu nähtud siin ja siin, suurus 38, 350EEK (hind poes 900EEK)
Vintage kott, 50EEK +postikulu 35EEK

UUED Spirit kingad, suurus 39, 150EEK (Hind poes 650 EEK) +postikulu 40EEK

Vintage Narmastega clutch, 50EEK +postikulu 30EEK

Nahast Bullboxeri kingad, suurus 39, 400EEK (hind poes 1000 EEK) +postikulu 50EEK

Vintage navy clutch, 70EEK +postikulu 30EEK

Vintage platvormkingad, 100EEK +postikulu 50EEK

Kasutatud Diori kott, 100EEK +postikulu 30EEK

Paki jälgimisnumber on eraldi tasu eest, küsi kui huvitab.

23 August, 2009

Pasta La Vista - Second evening at Helsinki

We didn't spend that much time at the flea-market on the second morning so when we took the bus to the city it was only 9 o'clock. Stores were empty, like they were open for just 2 of us. And we took advantage of that, spending about 2h at the fitting rooms.
Most of the time was spent at this one particular store, where all the prices were brought down to 1-2 euros. We emptied the store because we just couldn't choose what to buy.
(By accident) we also purchased matching "princess blouses" and since by that time we had matching babypink glittery blouses with lace and our fridge was filled with pink food, we decided to have a "Pink Picnic".
Our throwaway grill was used to barbeque exactly 2 marshmallows and by the end out our picnic we both had sugar poisonings. We actually had to go home and rest before heading out again.
Since we had only eaten sweets the whole day, we decided to drive to the city and eat a healthy meal at some restaurant so we could go on with our plans. We narrowed the choices down to 2- Pasta la Vista and Wrong Noodle Bar. None of them sounded delicious so we just replaced that meal with shopping.
Kirbuturul meil teise päeva hommikul kaua aega ei kulunud ning kui linna poole sõitsime oli kell alles kuskil 9. Poed oleks olnud nagu ainult meile avatud ja me kasutasime seda väga ära. Proovikabiinides veetsime me v ä h e m a l t 2 tundi. Kõige kauem läks meil ühes poes, mille nime ma parem ei nimetaks, kus proovisime kaupa, mis oli alla hinnatud ühele, kahele eurole ja mille üle me alguses meeltesegaduses (ning poe "staatust" arvestades) kõvasti naersime kuid hiljem enamus asju endale soetasime. Suutsime ka (by accident) osta ühesugused "printsessi pluusid" ning kuna meil olid selleks ajaks juba olemas matchivad heleroosad/sädelevad/pitsiga pluusid ning kapp oli täis roosasid toite otsustasime pidada "Roosa Pikniku".
Meie ühekordne grill leidis kasutust täpselt kahe vahukommi grillimisel ja pikniku lõpuks olime saanud suhkrumürgituse ning pidime kodus vahepeal puhkama enne välja minekut.
Kuna me olime terve päeva jooksul ainult magusaid asju söönud, otsustasime sõita linna ja mingis söögikohas kiiresti kõhud täis süüa et siis edasi liikuda. Valikus oli restoran Pasta La Vista ning Wrong Noodle Bar. Kumbki ei olnud eriti kutsuv ning otsustasime söögikorra asendada shoppamisega.