30 December, 2009

Outfit post - DIY celadon and silver

This simple tee was purchased from a second hand because of its gorgeous pastel colour. I added some fringe, studs, chains and beads to it and wore it with a black panel bodycon mini skirt with back zip.

25 December, 2009

Ding dong Merily on high

I'm for sure the worst Christmas celebrant ever. Every year, I decorate my Christmas tree, which I spontaneously from Lidl few years ago, in October. In November I start listening to Christmas songs, making gingerbreads and watching Christmas movies. At the beginning of December I eat black pudding, light candles and make snowflakes to my windows with fake snow (which will stay there until August since they just WON'T come off until then). When Christmas really arrives, it's so usual I don't feel "Christmas spirit" at all.
But nonetheless- MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!

Ma olen reaalselt kõige halvem jõulude tähistaja lihtsalt. Ma ehin oma spontaanselt Säästumarketist ostetud kunstkuuse ära oktoobris. Novembris hakkan kuulama jõululaule, teen piparkooke ning vaatan jõulufilme. Detsembri alguses söön verivorste ja põletan küünlaid ja teen aknale kunstlumest lumehelbed (mis jäävad sinna kuni augustini, sest need lihtsalt EI TULE maha enne seda). Kui jõulud kätte jõuavad on need juba nii usual asi, et ma ei tunne mingit "jõulutunnet". Aga sellegi poolest- HÄID JÕULE KÕIGILE!

16 December, 2009


Spanish guy stepped on my foot, Brit ran me down and Finn put my bracks up. But we had fun and snow and ice and frost. Hockey skates too.
Hispaanlane astus jala peale, inglane sõitis otsa, soomlane ajas närvi. Aga muidu oli fun ja oli lumi ja jää ja külm. Hokiuisud olid ka.

12 December, 2009

Jewelry SALE!

I still get e-mails about the fringe necklace I made, worn HERE. So here's something for anyone who has been interested in the necklace- I'm selling it+ few more matching handmade items!
If you have any questions or want to show your intrest, mail me at sm.blog@hot.ee.
Tassel necklace and earrings in light salmon and gold.
Tassel earrings - $10
Length of the tassels - 7cm

Tassel necklace - $12
Length of the chain - 69cm
Length of the tassel - 7cm

Fringe necklace and pin in light salmon and silver.
Fringe necklace with studs - $18
Length of the fringe - 7cm
Width of the fringe - 8cm
Length of the chain - 57cm

Fringe pin with studs - $11
Length of the fringe - 7cm
Width of the fringe - 4cm

I Kõrvarõngad - 100EEK
I Kaelakee - 120 EEK
II Kaelakee - 180 EEK
II Pross - 110 EEK
+ Postikulu 15 EEK

07 December, 2009