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1) I managed to delete all the videos from my computer. Lots and lots of them. Dating back to 2004. That unfortunate event (and the fact that I got a new HD camera) made me shoot tons of new videos. Yesterday I finally finished editing our newest video. It's out new movie classic.
2) Secret: I paint chinaware. And yesterday I went to the exhibition of our porcelain painting group. Melancholic speeches, things so pretty they make you sick and grapes. Best.
3) I have a new radiator in my room. I finally have control over the temperature in my room. Best. feeling. ever.
4) And I'm finishing it off with something called "What I wore today"

Videotest, näitustest ja radiaatoritest nüüd.

1) Mul õnnestus arvutist ära kustutada kõik videod mis ma kunagi teinud olen. Neid oli...palju. Väga-väga-väga palju. Alates aastal 2004 ilma mikrofonita kaameraga filmitud muusikavideotest, suvistest reisivideotest, videoblogidest kuni mu suvekodus filmitud "Jackassi" ning kogemata basseini kukkumise videoni. See masendav sündmus (ning uue HD kaamera saamine) sundis mind filmima palju-palju uusi videosid. Üheks neist on suvine muutumismäng "Stiilipäevik" mille monteerimisega ma lõpuks lõpule jõudsin (filmisime siis suvel...). Ma olen üli excited ja saade on kindlasti uus videoklassika.

2) Secret: ma maalin portselani. Ja eile käisin portselani maalimise ringi 15 aasta näituse avamisel. Melanhoolsed kõned, südant pahaks ajavalt ilusad asjad ja viinamarjad. Best.

3) Mul on toas uus radiaator. Lõpuks ometi on mul kontroll oma toa temperatuuri üle. Best. feeling. ever.

4) Selle kõige juurde ka "What I Wore Today"

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  1. oh, you always have the most loveliest outfits dearest merily! i adore your bow shirt ever so much and your scissor earrings! ♥♥♥ also, the snow looks so beautiful where you live it is so deep! ♥

  2. Te olete alati nii ilusad ja silmad ka väga ilusad.
    Ja mulle meeldivad need kõrvarõngad su kõrvas :)

  3. I'm sorry to hear about all your videos being deleted! On the plus side, those scissor earrings are beautiful, I am so glad you are posting on here more often now! xx

  4. That is just crazy! Video's dating back to 2004?! Wow! Did you save them on to any detachable memory? Anyway, you and your friend never fail to look so beautiful! Whoever is taking the pictures does an excellent job at taking the pictures! I love your cardigan and shirt! The bow you used as a tie makes such a difference! Chic and beautiful as always. You are always well styled and I like someone who can envision their ensemble and execute it well.
    check out my trendy blog!

  5. You look lovely, and those earrings are too cute!! :D

    I have an insane amount of videos on my computer too, I need to get around to deleting some eventually! :/


  6. Lovely photos!
    What camera do you use?


  7. Such gorgeous pictures :)
    follow me?

  8. Krissu, - aitäh!

    theTrendyDwarf - no luck, everything's gone :(

    Marie Collette. - thanks. I use canon 500d

  9. those earrings are adorable!!!

  10. Adore the scissor earrings :)

  11. Gorgeous photos. Love your blouse. And those scissor earrings are cute!

  12. Those earrings are so adorable.

  13. I really like your blog & your style. I am definitely following your blog :) Hope you are having a lovely week!


  14. Kuna ma pidevalt su blogi loen, siis üllatun ma alati, kui hea jume Sul on. Küsimus ongi see, et kas Sul lihtsalt on hea ja rikkumata nahk, või palju meiki. Sa võiksid teha vblogi, et mis näopuhastusvahendeid ja meike Sa kasutad ning kuidas. See oleks põnev, ning kuna Sa filmimisest juba rääkisid, siis loodan, et Sa viid mu mõtte ellu :)
    Muidu oled tohutult armas ja ilus :)

  15. Anonymous - aitäh! ee...pigem on selle taga meigid :D. aga video, selle võib millalgi teha küll :)

  16. I've just discovered your blog and I love it!

    If you want, check out my blog and leave a comment. Thanks a lot.


  17. Kõrvarõngad on väga kadestamisväärsed. Oled need ise teinud või on need ostetud? ;D

  18. Need on ostetud Kuuseke 2'lt, aga kahjuks ei mäleta enam, kes oli autoriks :(


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