We spent the second evening in Helsinki's best cafe. They only have like 4 tables so we were lucky enough to find a seat. They have the best view and it's it the cosiest place ever.
After hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls, we had to visit the Sibelius' monument, which was right next to the cafe, as well.


Teise õhtu veetsime Helsingi parimas kohvikus. Seal on ainult 4 lauda, niiet olime õnnelikud et juhuslikult üks laud vaba oli. See on lihtsalt kõige perfektsema vaatega ja kõige hubasem kohvik üldse. Enne lahkumist külastasime ka muidugi seal kõrval asuvat Sibeliuse momumenti.

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  1. oh, your day looks ever so lovely dear miss Merily! Those hot chocolates and cinnamon rolls look very tasty and the cafe looks so adorable, the setting of it looks very beautiful <3

  2. Oh goodness!
    how can it be that I have been going to Helsinki at least once a year for the whole of my life - and i have never seen this place? I absolutely must locate it this summer.
    Your pictures are always so perfect :)

  3. The cafe seems to be so AMAZING!
    Love it! So much!

  4. OMG that hot chocolate looks so good..You are making me crave for one right now...Cool blog..I love the photos

  5. Hei. Sul oli vahepeal mingisugune kaltsukate kaart. On see veel kuskil nägemiseks?
    Ning! Oo, kuidas ma armastan Helsingit.

  6. Pardon! Kaart oli vist kellegi teise blogis.

  7. Oh gosh how amazing, I really must go there !

  8. choclate and creaammmm... mmmmmm.... lookks GOOOD


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