You know I love clothes and shoes and bags, but what comes right after my love for them are home appliances. My mother laughed till tears when I begged for a blender for my 14th birthday. And if you're like me and want to do all of your shopping in one place, Beso is the place for you. It is the online shopping destination that allows you to browse products at thousands of stores - from big name retailers to exclusive boutiques to the shop around the corner just waiting to be discovered. They have everything from Chloe coats to mineral makeup to Ralph Lauren bath towels and espresso machines so be sue to check them out.
What's even better is that they're having a contest at their blog and the price is this gorgeous KitchenAid Mixer (yes, I just called a mixer gorgeous! but it is!) Check out the details of the contest HERE.

Ma armastan riideid ja kingi ja kotte, aga järgmised minu armastuste hulgas on kohe kodumasinad. See on nii random. Mu ema naeris kuni pisarateni kui ma teatasin, et ma soovin oma 14ks sünnipäevaks blenderit ja ma olen juba võrrelnud kõiki müügilolevaid blendereid omavahel ja ma pean selle parima endale saama. Ühesõnaga leidsin ma nüüd Besost maailma lahedaima mikseri. See on kollane ja roosat on ka! Ja sinna otsa saab panna erinevaid otsikuid niiet saab teha a jäätist ja pastat (jah, see on maailma geniaalseim leiutis)
Hea uudis? Beso blogis on hetkel võistlus parimale retseptile ja auhinnaks on- seesama imemasin. Võistluse juurde saad Siit.

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  1. Oh, see sobiks nii hästi minu pere köögilauale :D. Kas seda on teisi värve ka?

  2. jep, seda on hõbedast, oranži, matti halli, helehalli, musta, helekollast, tumekollast, rohekaskollast tumesinist, helesinist valget, beeži, roosat, piparmündirohelist, helerohelist, lillat, pronksi, veinipunast ja ühesõnaga kõikides maailma värvidest vist veel :D

  3. Oh wow, I have always wanted one just like this !

  4. oooh my host mom in australia (miss her so so much!) has got that one and it's amazing !! the best one for cheesecakes xx

  5. I got a mint green Kitchenaid for my 16th birthday! My mom thought I was so odd for asking for a mixer, but it was the best birthday present ever!

  6. sa oled 13 aastane praegu ?:D

  7. It is gorgeous!


  8. i know exactly what you mean. i am obsessed with household appliances, ecspecially those of the kitchen variety!

    i want one of THOSE mixers in red, and there is also a set of vintage-y looking red kitchen scales i am pining for...


  9. Maksab ta alla 10 000 natuke.


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