The picnic video


I haven't used the possibility to schedule posts so now's the time to do it. Merily who is staying in Pärnu sends you a video message from the picnic we had on a field in Murumetsa. Just a short clip from random shots we made there along with Plastiscines' "Bicyclette". Enjoy! (As always, choose HD from the upper right corner to view the video in better quality)

Ma pole üldse seda scheduled postituse võimalust kasutanud. Nüüd on viimane aeg. Igatahes, Merily siit Pärnust saadab teile videosõnumi põllult Murumetsast. Lihtsalt random klipid mis filmisime pikniku ajal
Plastiscines'i "Bicyclette'i" taustal. Enjoy! (Nagu alati, ülevalt paremalt vali HD et näha videot parema kvaliteediga)

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  1. Oh, Merily this video is so lovely! The field of purple flowers looks so beautiful <3 xxx

  2. oo, plastiscines on nii nii hea bänd, üks lemmikutest kindlasti!

  3. Nii mõnusa meeleoluga video, cute :)

  4. cycle chic estonia postitas teist pilte ja vode, loodan, et teil ei ole selle vastu midagi britiga :)

  5. cycle chic estoni - ei ole, väga tore! :)

  6. appike, video oleks pidanud õige sõna seal olema mitte vode aga tahtsin veel seda öelda, et Velorution levitas teie videot edasi

  7. Nice video :)
    I like your blog and I usually visit it. I am from Switzerland so it's very nice to see another places, another kind of pictures too.
    great job !


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