Helsinki 2


The second Helsinki post is all about pink outfits.
Both of my dresses are from H&M.
Bought the nailpolish from two Finnish girls at the Hietalahti flea market.
My new favorite place in Helsinki, the Helsinki graveyard. It's so beautiful I could spend hours there.
Also visited my favorite cafe in Helsinki. It's so conveniently close to our home and it's the coziest place by the sea.
The bracelet is from another flea market. Got it for 50 cents!

Teine Helsingi postitus on all about roosad outfitid. Mõlemad kleidid on H&M ja roheline küünelakk on ostetud kahelt Justin Bieberit kuulavalt Soome neiult Helsingi kirbuturult.

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  1. the first dress is soo lovely, looks amazing!

  2. Beautiful dress!

  3. Fantastic photos! Both your outfits are lovely.

  4. your dress is really cute, and the place where you shot those pictures is breathtaking and looks very serene

  5. Is that your mum?
    And I want to steal those shoes...

  6. i love the dresses, especially the first one with the embellished shoulders, and the bracelet! love the blog.

  7. mis sa seal soomes kogu aeg k'id

  8. How do you give your photos this Vintage effect? through Photoshop? so nice :)


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