Bloggers' sale


After my art lessons I went to the bloggers' sale. It was quite late so I didn't get to see the best pieces obviously, but we still had a blast. I got a gorgeous belt and bikini (17 pairs and counting. i'm aware that we have negtive temperatures here soon, but I guess my addiction to buying bikinis has not gone away)
Anyway, now I'll go packing again. Next stop - NEW YORK!

Peale kunstikooli hüppasin blogijate moeturult läbi. Kell oli suht palju niiet kõige põnevamad leiud jäid kindlasti nägemata, aga aga lõbus oli siiski. Sain endale ühe kena vöö ja bikiinid (17 paari and counting. Olen kursis sellega, et väljas on miinuskraadid kohe. Mu sõltuvus pole ikka veel taandunud)
Igatahes, nüüd asju pakkima. Järgmine peatus - NEW YORK!

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  1. Wow! eriti ilus jope/jakk on neiul viimasel pildil. Väga tahaks teada,kust see pärit !?

  2. kas sa palun viitsiksid mulle saata selle pildi mis Sa minust tegid, muidu mul pole ühtegi endast moeturul :S, head reisi Sulle! :D

  3. Never heard of a "blogger's sale" - sounds like a gr8 idea! Looks like you had lots of fun.

  4. I want those earrings!! Where are they from?

  5. oi kui armas oli ka enda pilt siit leida :)


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