Tallinn Dolls Gala


A small break from the USA posts and I'll write you something about the Tallinn Dolls Gala which took place a while ago, during Tallinn Fashion Week. The place was so crowded, but we got great seats. The dresses and the hair was amazing as always, but I prefered their previous show, which was more unique. Still, some dresses made my heart bleed. The DJ Heidy Purga did great job picking out the most interesting tracks for the show. After the show we listened to Marten Kuninga's concert for a while and then headed to the city.

Pisike paus USA postitustest ja kirjutan teile juba üsna kaua aega tagasi olnud Tallinn Dolls Galast. Rahvast oli murdu, aga saime endale suurepärase koha, kust showd vaadata. Kleidid, soengud ja kõik muu oli armas nukulik nagu ikka. Erilist vaimustust ei tekkinud, nagu eelmisel show'l aga osad kleidid pandid siiski südame verd tilkuma. Heidy Purga oli head tööd teinud, muusikavalik oli üli huvitav. Kuulasime ka natuke Marten Kuningat ja siis seadsime sammud linna poole.

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  1. hmm ma olen teise pildi peal eriti loojas :D:D

  2. loved that peachy blazer with a black bow, totally chic


  3. I loooooooooooove what you are wearing, that light pink blazer and the silk 80's inspired blouse, it was a really cute pairing, and you look like you had fun at the show!

  4. I absolutely love the pink blazer/shirt and tie combo great mix of colours!!!


  5. I can't believe how amazing and cute your outfit is ! Very cute post :)

  6. see roheline kleit.. ♥♥ sarnast olen juba mõnda aega soovinud



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