29 December, 2010

MOOD magazine's birthday

Oskar and I went to magazine MOOD's birthday in cafe Pärnu. Britt Samoson presented her collection Sceleton Cut and Heivi Saaremets and Laura Kallasvee were behind the DJ table.
Käisime Oskariga ajakirja MOOD sünnipäeval kohvikus Pärnu. Britt Samoson esitles oma kollektsiooni Sceleton Cut ja muusikat mängisid Heivi Saaremets ja Laura Kallasvee.


  1. have the same shoes and skirt! hope you had a nice time

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  2. HI sweetie! Loove your outfit! It's quite funny, I have the same shoes except that I made some small improvements, take a look here if you want:http://despitecolor.blogspot.com/2010/10/3rd-hand-shoes.html

    Love Iben

  3. omg i love your outfit! i have those shoes in black :) i now have another outfit inspiration b/c i have tights and a skirt just like that a well. Thanks you gorgeous fashionista!

    <3 Kelsey



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