Amelie shoot


It hasn't even been a month since I last posted! Success! Anyways, the bloggingbreak is over now and starting today, I'm going to post very dutifully. We'll see how it works out.
I'm taking photography lessons at my art school and we're going to have an autoportrait exhibition very soon. My idea for the portrait was to depict myself as Amelie. We absolutely lack similarities in appearance, but besides it being my favourite movie, her character is someone, who everyone can relate to somehow. And so do I. And therefore my autoportrait pictures Amelie through me.
Anyways, here's the making of the portrait! It was quite exciting to be brunette for a change!

And here's the outcome!

No ei tulnudki kuu aega viimasest postitusest. Igal juhul on blogibreak nüüd läbi ja tänasest kavatsen väga kohusetundlikult blogima hakata. Eks näis kuidas õnnestub.
Võtan kunstikooli raames fototunde ja meil tuleb varsti autoportreede näitus ning minu autoportree ideeks oli kujutada ennast Amelie'na. Meil puudub absoluutselt väline sarnasus, aga lisaks sellele, et Amelie on mu läbi aegade lemmikfilm, on tema tegelaskuju selline, kellega igaüks leiab midagi ühist. Nii ka mina. Ja seega kujutab minu autoportree Amelie'd läbi minu. Ühesõnaga. Siin on the making of minu autoportree! Täitsa põnev oli vahelduseks brünett olla!

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  1. wow, väga sarnaseks tegid end! (: oleks mul ka mõni hea mõte autoportree kohapealt.. :D

  2. You're sj cute at this role!
    And i'm really happy that you start blogging again :)

  3. amazing pics

  4. Väga vinge!
    Ütleks, et sulle sobib selline tumedam pea isegi. :)

  5. Viimane pilt lööb pahviks! :)

  6. It looks awesome! But where you supposed to resemble her og to look exactly like her? Or give them your interpretation of her? Nice picture though!

    Love iben

  7. Looking exactly like her wasn't my idea, but I wanted everyone to know right away what I was trying to resemble.

  8. I miss your post! You look good as brunet ;)

  9. Is anybody of you writing this blog:

    Just curious.

  10. Nice photographs! Amelie is one of my favorites movies, so I'm obviously enchanted.


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