I haven't done a What I Wore post in a long time so I'll try to make morew pictures of my outfits now on. It's quite warm outside now as well, so I can finally wear normal clothes. Like... dresses and skirts, not a fan of pants. I hope I won't be wearing any on these upcoming WIW posts.
But about this outfit. The blouse and scarf are both slik and both vintage. The trousers and the belt are Zara, cardigan is Gina Tricot and the boots are from Brooklyn flea.

Pole ammu What I Wore postitusi teinud, niiet üritan nüüd oma outfitte üles pildistama hakata. Väljas on juba päris soe ka, ehk saab normaalsemalt riides käima hakata. Ma lihtsalt ei oska talvel riietuda. Mulle ei meeldi püksid ja meie talvedega see eriti kokku ei lähe. Loodame, et järgmitsel WIW'idel on mul seljas juba kleidid.
Aga selle outfiti kohta. Pluus ja sall on kõige mõnusamast siidist ja mõlemad on vintage. Püksid ja vöö on Zarast, kampsun Gina Tricot ja saapad on Brooklyni kirbuturult.

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  1. beautiful


  2. I love your ensemble as a whole! I love it so much! What I mainly love are your pants and cardigan and YOUR SHOES ARE TO DIE FOR! Literally. Love them! You look beautiful as always.
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  3. the turquoise is so lovely!

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    and visit my store, xo

  4. Kas sa sirgendad iga päev juukseid?

  5. mul hoiavad need loomulikult nii sirgelt niiet ei ole vajadust :)


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