We're going back!


Tomorrow, Britt and I will move to our beloved Helsinki home. As usual, we'll take tons of pictures and I'll try to shoot a video postcard too like we've done each year. Until then, you can enjoy the postcard from last year.

Homme kolime Britiga paariks päevaks meie armsaks saanud Helsingi koju. Nagu ikka, teeme ka kõvasti pilte ja üritame ka see aasta filmida videopostkaardi, nagu eelmistel aastatel. Senikaua võite nautida eelmise aasta postkaarti.

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  1. Hey Merily! Please check your video. It's not working. :(

  2. Works fine in my browser, sorry :(
    Maybe you can view it here http://vimeo.com/12165977 ?


  3. im soooo happy you started to write more often, like a year ago! got back on track? greetings! x

  4. Aga kuidas te selle saite? selle helsingi kodu ma mõtlen. Ülilahe, et saate niivisi käia seal ja need videod on ka alati niiiii ilusad :)

  5. it worked for me on this site- and it's really wonderful. can't wait to see the new one too :) it's like a little movie adventure!

  6. Imemõnus video! Mis laul seal taustaks mängib? :)

  7. Kasia - It's a lot more easier to write in the summer, no school and better weather for taking pictures :)

    Anonymous 10:26:00 AM - See kodu kuulub mu vanaemale, kes seal enamus suvest ei ela :)

    Anonymous 7:54:00 PM - Lisa Mitchell - Neopolitan Dreams

  8. cool video! looks fun :)
    What song is that? I really liked it!

  9. Lisa Mitchell - Neopolitan Dreams

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