Sunset in Paris


One evening, we decided to drive to Montparnasse, to view the sun set on top of the Tour Montparnasse.
This 210m building is considered to be the ugliest construcion in the world and two years after its completion, building skyscraper in the city center of Paris, were banned. But the view from the top in breathtaking, of course. Especially during the sunset.

Ühel õhtul Pariisis otsustasime sõita Montparnasse'i, et Tour Montparnasse'i tipus päikseloojangut vaadata. Seda 210 meetrist pilvelõhkujat peetakse üheks maailma koledaimaks ehitiseks ning kaks aastat peale selle ehitamist, keelati Pariisi kesklinna pilvelõhkujate ehitamine täielikult. Aga vaade torni tipust on loomulikult imeilus, eriti päikseloojangul.

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  1. Such remarkable captures of Paris! And the macaroons look delectable.

    ♥, Jamie

  2. Je vois que tu as beaucoup aimé Paris !:) quand est ce que tu reviendras ? --> I see you've loved Paris so much :) When will you come back ?

  3. Nii kaunid fotod - veab, et midagi nii ilusat ise kogeda said :)

  4. Gorgeous view! I wish I could be there right now.


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