London, Part III


And we have made it to the last days in London. Posting these pictures here is a sad moment, like leaving London for the second time. God how much I love this city!

One morning we drove to Kensington, we called it the 'museum day'. Everything was so beautiful there, but almost too artificial. Like a scene in a Hollywood movie. But still, it was nice walking around there, surrounded by pastel coloured houses.

Fist, we decided to visit the Victoria & Albert museum.

I loved their photography exposition. There weren't that many pictures displayed, but the selection was amazing.

I was so happy, when I saw a photo by Cindy Sherman, my favourite photographer of all time. I must have stood there for quite some time, because Oskar had to come look for me.

A stage outfit for Coldplay's Viva la Vida tour, by Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen's dress peeking in the left corner.

Next stop - National History Museum. Even the entrance looked awesome!

Here's the thing - we were so enthralled by the minerals' exhibition, we spent there so much time we didn't make it to the dinosaurs! They closed the dinosaours' exhibition right before we got there. But... aren't the minerals amazing!

Next morning, Brick Lane. I was so sad, we couldn't go there on Sunday because our plane left too early.

On a doubledecker!

Feeling inspired at Camden Town.

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  1. your pictures are simply amazing!

    x Aliya

  2. Uhh, peale seda, kui mu armas väike poisipõnn on millegipärast terve õhtu jonninud ja nüüd on lõpuks vaikus majas, oli just see siin, mida mul vaja oli. Mõtted eemale, kaugele, kusagile mujale. Imeilusad ja igatsust muu õhu järele õhutavad pildid!

  3. Mulle täiega meeldib see kampsun, mis sa Brick Lane´i pildil kannad. Äkki ütleksid kust sa selle soetasid?

  4. great site seeing pictures. check out my blog and follow if you like. xox

  5. Wow the photos are amazing!! they're so good!
    xo, Clochet.

  6. hey my name is natalia.
    I just wanted to say that i simply LOVE your blog. Maybe I don't understand a word but I love the pictures and the atmosphere in it. (:


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