My year in pictures


In February...
I dressed up as Amelie for my photography class' project.

In March...
It started snowing right after I had switched my winter wardrobe to spring one!

In April...
I took part in the fashion show MoSh, as a model for Helen and Laura.

In May...
Me and 7 other Estonian fashion bloggers were invited to Helsinki for a blogger's meeting.

We celebrated finishing our exams with pizza and some drinks!

Everyone was watching the Eurovision song contest. So was I, in my Estonian flag coloured outfit.

In June...
I went to Helsinki with Britt

In July...
I sported my new red jeans, that summer's definite favourites!

And went to the Song and Dace Festival

In August...
I visited Paris with my girls

And we went to Disneyland

And visited the countryside with my bf

In September...
I went to Tallinn Fashion Week

In October...
I enjoyed the beautiful Estonian autumn

Visited a Georgian fashion show

And went to Cosmopolitan glam fair

In November...
I went to the opening of Tallinn Dolls flagship store

I visited London with my bf

And celebrated Halloween there

In December...
We celebrated 2 years of MOOD magazine

And Christmas with Tallinn Dolls

I wish you the best new year!

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  1. So remarkable! Cheers to another wonderful and stylish year for you. x

  2. Suurepärane aasta! Mõnusad fotod, üritused, reisid, sündmused! Meeldejäävat vana ja head uut! :)

  3. Vaga kift post ;-) Sul on olnud yks vaga ponev moodi tais aasta! Koike paremat ka uueks algavaks aastaks!

    PS. Sinu fotod on imelise kvaliteediga, isegi paremad kui monel maailmakuulsal blogijal!!!

    Anneli xx

  4. great pictures! :)

    Carina, xx

  5. Can you friend me on Facebook? It won't let me reply to your message since we aren't. Weird. Thanks!

  6. OMG sorry for posting in my language! ;] I was saying that Your blog is amazing! ;]

  7. Hello dear! Amazing photos and amazing year, huh? Hope this year comes to be better!

  8. Thank you so much for your coming in our blog :)
    That's so nice !
    Your pictures are awesome, I come back here for sure in next few days.

    Xoxo and come back when you want :)

    Cassandre from

  9. You had an amazing year!



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