A midnight cocoa


It's not very common for me to make these midnight posts, but I just had to share this delicious cocoa I made (extra rich with whipped cream, cinnamon and chili)! Sometimes, when I can't get to sleep, I make it for myself and it always helps. Hope it works today as well, because I have to get up early tomorrow. My only motivation is that in just a few minutes, it's FIRDAY and the long-awaited weekend.

It will be a fun one, on Sunday I will go to a Stockholm cruise for 3 days. I'm in need for a short getaway! We'll be visiting the Fotografiska Museet, Ice bar, I can practice my Swedish and of course there will be some serious shopping and partying! Can't wait.


Sellised kesköised postitused ei ole minu puhul väga tavalised, aga lihtsalt pidin teiega jagama oma imelist kakaod. Joon alati õhtuti kakaod (eriti rammust, vahukoore, kaneeli ja tšilliga), kui mul und ei ole. Selle tegemine võtab nii kaua, et alati tuleb uni peale. Loodame, et täna töötab ka, sest homme peab vara ärkama. Mu ainuke motivatsioon on, et ainult mõne minuti pärast, on lõpuks REEDE ja kauaoodatud nädalavahetus.

Pühapäev tuleb eriti lõbus, sest lähen Stockholmi kruiisile. Ma lihtsalt vajan hetkel ühte mini-puhkust! Me külastame Fotografiska Museet', Ice Bari, ma saan oma rootsi keelt praktiseerida ja loomulikult toimub ka tõsine shoppamine! Ma ei jõua ära oodata.

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  1. looks yummy!


  2. Hope you will have a great time here in Sweden! I've always wanted to visit Fotografiska but never had the oppertunity.

  3. Hummm
    Delicious! And the plans you have for the next 3 days are amazing. Hopu you have fun!

  4. armastan seda laulu!

  5. umhhh! delicious



  6. such a lovely colours in your ppictures! luv it.



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