A day in Stockholm


A bit about Stockholm. Actually, the trip came very unexpected, we decided to go just 2 days before the actual cruise. And since we had just been to Stockholm, we didn't really have any plans for the day. Luckly the weather was beautiful and very warm, so we walked round the city, in parks and marketplaces and did a bit of shopping as well. Although with a weather like that, it was as sin to hang around in malls, really. Oh, and we had this years' first strawberries as well, which always marks the start of spring for me.
Blazer - Vintage Alberto Makali
Cape, boots, bracelet - Romwe
Skirt - Zara
Top -  Desigual
Bag- H&M
Sunglasses - Lindex
Belt - Vintage

Natukene siis Stockholmi kruiisist ka. Tegelikult tuli reis väga ootamatult, 2 päeva enne minekut otsustasime, et läheme. Ja kuna me tegelikult hiljuti alles käisime, siis erilisi plaane polnudki. Õnneks oli mega ilus ja soe ilm, nii et jalutasime mööda linna, käisime parkides ja turul ja natuke jõudsime poodidesse ka. Kuigi sellise ilmaga oli patt kuskil kaubamajas jõlkuda, really. Selle kevade esimesed maasikad said ka ära proovitud!

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  1. Gorgeous photos! Love the yellow jacket.

    Fashion Agony blog

  2. Imeilus kollane jakk ja kenad saapad!

  3. Kollane jakk on parim!

  4. love the second to last photo, the sunset one! it reminds me of the show Laguna Beach! (yes, im American haha!)

  5. i love the second to last photo, the sunset one! it reminds me of the show Laguna Beach! (yes, i'm American haha!)

  6. Your cape is stunning
    xoxo from Paris

  7. kas olen mina tobeda fantaasiaga või seal esimesel pildil, sinu pea ja R'i vahel ripub keeegi:D?

  8. Ma sain ise ka paraja shoki kui esimest korda pilte vaadates seda märkasin :D See ilmselt mingi installatsioon, sest igal pildil püsis ta liikumatult :D

  9. love these pictures! I'd love to go to stockholm


  10. Kas sa kasutad ka mingit filtrit enda kaameral, sest valgus on väga pehme ja mõnus?

    1. Nope, aga töörõtlen küll pilte.

  11. Ma käisin samal kruiisil :) ja täpselt samamoodi oli, et see tuli nii ootamatult esmaspäeva õhtul tekkis idee, teisipäeval broneering ja juba kolmapäev minek :P

    Stockholmis oli niii soe ja kevadine tunne :)

  12. always amazed by the photography on your blog, love it.

  13. Ma ei saa aru.. Kas sul on Cartier Love Bracelet? :O

  14. Next time you come let me know and I can show you Stockholm!

  15. love these pictures ,have a trip on a nice day is really a excellent thing ,in our daily life we should go out and have a rest (*^__^*)


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