Haven't felt like writing something for a while and it's pretty busy at school as well - it's officially the last week of school for me! And then the exam period starts, should be fun. But still, some outfit pictures to share with you.
 Blouse - Wholesale-dress
Skirt, cardigan - Zara
Belt - eBay
Clutch - Vero Moda
Boots - Romwe

Viimasel ajal ei ole väga tuju olnud kirjutada ja kooliga on ka üpris kiire olnud, viimane nädal siiski! Ja siis algab eksamiperiood. Should be fun! Aga mõned pildid outfitist siiski teiega jagada.

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  1. urgh, same situation as you.. i have three weeks left then revising period and exams... urgh
    but nice outfit! :)


  2. Kuidas Sa sealt Wholesale-dressist tellisid? Kas seal on krediitkaarti vaja nagu ebays?

  3. Maksin PayPaliga, ehk siis on krediitkaardi vaja jep.

  4. võiksid kirjutada ka sellest, mida tulevikus edasi tahad teha, oleks huvitav lugemine :)

  5. You're beautiful, as always !! Love your outfits ! And I love your blouse !

    Cassandre from http://duodeuxmode.blogspot.fr/


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