Last weekend I went to Riga, since the last time I visited the city was when I was about 7 and I've really wanted to go back. The weather was awesome, it was 16 degrees on the first day and in Estonia it was about 6 degrees! And I loved the city, it's like mixture between Tallinn and Helsinki with notes of St. Petersburg. I did some shopping as well, but didn't get anything that interesting.

Nädalavahetusel käisin Riigas. Viimati külastasin seda linna kui olin umbes seitsmene, nii et olen alati tagasi tahtnud minna. Ilm oli imeline, vahelduseks Tallinna sügisele oli seal 16 kraadi ja päiksepaiste. Ja linn oli ka väga ilus, natuke nagu segu Tallinnast, Helsingist ja Peterburist. Natuke sai shopatud ka, aga midagi erilist kaasa ei toonud.

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  1. lovely photos


  2. Oleks võinud seda vaatama minna

  3. these pictures are so beautiful....



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