Peek into my closet


Lovely Mariliis from LET HER SPEAK asked me to take a few pictures of my closet for her blog post. She has covered fashion bloggers' wardrobes before, but this time she peeked into Estonian bloggers' closets and mine happened to be one of them. Let me know your thoughts and be sure to check out the closets of other bloggers HERE.

Armas Mariliis blogist LET HER SPEAK palus mul teha paar pilti oma garderoobist. Minu ja paari teise Eesti moeblogijate riidekappidesse saate piiluda tema blogis.

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  1. It looks so dreamy and organized, like the way it should be! :)

  2. Ei saa mainimata jätta, et väga sinulik riidekapp. Ja head lahendused on kasutatud,

  3. oo, nii kena! Imelised värvid ja kõik on väga hästi lahendatud.
    Bowtie Diary


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