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I've been dying to tell you about this fun project I've been working on for some time now. NOKIA contacted me and asked me to participate in collaboration between Nokia, jewellery designer Leila Kashanipour aka LeiVanKash and fashion bloggers from all over the world. They sent me this gorgeous Nokia Lumia 900 to play around with and take pictures of everything around me that inspires me in order to put together a mood board for a unique jewellery piece.
LeiVanKash is a London-based jewellery designer,  whose unique skull and unicorn designs have been seen on the likes of Leona LewisOlivia Palermo and Rita Ora. She has 5 main collections and I had to choose one, that inspired me the most and create the mood board based on that particular collection. There are prizes for best mood boards of each collection and the overall best mood board will be turned into an actual jewellery piece in London!

I chose the collection Totem, after visiting the Estonian Museum of Natural History. I was mesmerized by the different colour variations of the beetles' scales and the metallic glimmer, so my mood board is called Cetonia Aurata, which is Latin for Rose Chafer.
The Totem collection is all about the animal in each person, that protects and guides them. For me, beetles have this certain charm and mystery to them and the have always been associated with protection and good luck so I believe they will fit right in to the collection. A variety of precious stones and metals will compliment the creature perfectly.

So I present you - CETONIA AURATA!
Click on the picture for a larger view

I hope I managed to pass forward what was twirling around in my mind while thinking about the collection. The shades of green, metallic, out of this world textures, power and of course, nature - my main inspiration.
Be sure to check out other creations by LeiVanKash, she's incredible! And thank you NOKIa for giving me this opportunity, it has been a blast and I can't wait to see the other mood boards. 
Wish me luck!

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  1. Hoian sulle pöialt!

  2. These are beautiful! sounds so exciting! :)


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