29 January, 2012


This weekend was so busy, I literally flew from one place to another. On Saturday, we took a little time out and went to Pürovel Spa at Swissôtel. It was nice not to do anything and just rest for a change. Plus, the view from the 11th floor over Tallinn was amazing!

26 January, 2012

New in my wardrobe

Here are some of my latest purchases. Can't wait to wear them. Thank god it's weekend soon, maybe I can even wear my glitter skirt from Romwe? It would go well with the moustache ring I found from eBay and the simple black clutch from Vero Moda (Their new Spring collection is gorgeous!). I also got some essentials for the freezing weather - a warm sweater from H&M, jeans from Zara and brown leather gloves I've already been wearing for the past week. Oh, and the bowknow bag! It kind of looks like my favourite bag from Miu Miu, a bow satchel. I have it in sughero, but I really liked it pomice.It's from VJ-Style. They have a great selection of bags and deciding by my bag, with great quality as well.


22 January, 2012

Fashion Blogs at lounge Rumours

On Friday I went to lounge Rumours to see what this new event "Fashion Blog" was all about. We enjoyed great cocktails, even better company and a fun Vero Moda lounge show!
Dress - Motel Rocks
Belt - Vintage
Heels - Romwe

18 January, 2012

A day in Stockholm

So, I'm back from Stockholm. We were a bit unlucky with the weather, arrived back to the ship soaking wet, but it was still very fun! So... how did we spend our day in Stockholm.

Arrived at the cruise ship and enjoyed the programme from St. Petersburg performers.

Got off the boat and started exploring the city.
Swedish sweets - a great souvenir to bring home

Walked to the Fotografiska Museet. I expected more from it, but still the exhibitions were interesting and unique. I loved the pictures about the children of Haiti by Ron haviv and the work of Anton Corbijn, who has photographed many celebrities in a unique way.
Anton Corbijn "Lance Armstrong"

Some mandatory shopping and walking around in the Gamla Stan. I didn't get anything remarkable from the shopping trip, just some basics.

Our last stop before heading back to the ship - Ice Bar. The whole bar was made from ice, 30 tons of it.
We even got capes to stay warm in the bar, the temperature there was -5C.
Even the shot glasses were made from the Nordic ice!
After getting lost, we managed to arrive at the port just in time. We were so hungry, I think we ate more than anyone else at the buffe. I made myself a chocolate-vanilla ice cream dessert with caramel and chocolate sauce, fruits and berries, which I finished off with a yoghurt cake!

17 January, 2012

What I wore - school

On Friday we had some time to kill so we decided to go eat sushi with the girls to hide from the snowstorm. I hope in Stockholm, the weather will be better, beacuse snow falling from every side is only beautiful to look from warm room through the window and walking around in the city and shopping is not the best way to spend a day like this one.
 Shirt - Hilfiger
Coat - Romwe
Bag - Vintage
Jeans - Zara
Ring - H&M
Cardigan - Vintage

Lootsin selle postituse üles saada pühapäeval, aga Bloggeri schedule süsteem ei ole just kõige korralikum, niiet nüüd Rootsist tagasi olles nägin, et see polegi üles läinud. Aga tagantjärgi siis...
Reedel oli vaja veidike aega parajaks teha ja läksime tüdrukutega sushit sööma ja tormi eest peitu. Loodan, et Stockholmis selline ilm pole, sest lumesadu alt üles on ilus ainult aknast vaadates ja selle käes linna vaadata-shopata ei ole just kõige lõbusam.

12 January, 2012

A midnight cocoa

It's not very common for me to make these midnight posts, but I just had to share this delicious cocoa I made (extra rich with whipped cream, cinnamon and chili)! Sometimes, when I can't get to sleep, I make it for myself and it always helps. Hope it works today as well, because I have to get up early tomorrow. My only motivation is that in just a few minutes, it's FIRDAY and the long-awaited weekend.

It will be a fun one, on Sunday I will go to a Stockholm cruise for 3 days. I'm in need for a short getaway! We'll be visiting the Fotografiska Museet, Ice bar, I can practice my Swedish and of course there will be some serious shopping and partying! Can't wait.


Sellised kesköised postitused ei ole minu puhul väga tavalised, aga lihtsalt pidin teiega jagama oma imelist kakaod. Joon alati õhtuti kakaod (eriti rammust, vahukoore, kaneeli ja tšilliga), kui mul und ei ole. Selle tegemine võtab nii kaua, et alati tuleb uni peale. Loodame, et täna töötab ka, sest homme peab vara ärkama. Mu ainuke motivatsioon on, et ainult mõne minuti pärast, on lõpuks REEDE ja kauaoodatud nädalavahetus.

Pühapäev tuleb eriti lõbus, sest lähen Stockholmi kruiisile. Ma lihtsalt vajan hetkel ühte mini-puhkust! Me külastame Fotografiska Museet', Ice Bari, ma saan oma rootsi keelt praktiseerida ja loomulikult toimub ka tõsine shoppamine! Ma ei jõua ära oodata.