28 August, 2012

Best of Streetstyle in Tallinn

For the past 6 months now, I've been capturing street style for MOOD magazine. It's been an eye opening experience, I've met so many nice and unique people, but at the same time, spent hours and hour wandering round with no positive results. Overall, I've enjoyed the experience very much and that's why I decided to put together my favourite examples from the streets from the past 6 months.

19 August, 2012

Birthday in Mahmutlar

For my birthday, we went to this local cocktail bar to celebrate. Kiwi daiquiri was something new, so I decided to go for that one and I'm glad I did. At some point, the barmen climbed to the bar table and started dancing to local hits. It was so much fun. They even included Macarena in their playlist so we got to join. And then the best surprise of the night came, the whole bar started singing happy birthday to me and they brought out a delicious chocolate cake with candles and everything. It was so unexpected, at first I even asked, whose birthday is it. A truly awesome birthday it was, indeed!

17 August, 2012


I'm back from a holiday in Turkey. We decided to take a vacation there, because the summer in Estonia has been a disappointment so far. We went for Turkey, because we just wanted to have a relaxing time by the pool and get some tan as well. It was extremely hot over there - around 40 degrees C. The beach was just 5m away from our hotel, but we didn't get there that much, the sand was just too hot and burning. We enjoyed walking in the city the most, who has been to Alanya knows how gorgeous the promenade by the sea is there. In conclusion we were very happy we went there and as always, pictures tell so much more so enjoy!