17 December, 2012

Holiday spirit with Tallinn Dolls

Last week I had an awesome day with Anete Palmik and photographer Siiri Kumari with whom we shot Tallinn Dolls' collection in the gorgeous Old Town Music House. The atmosphere was very peaceful and you could feel the holiday spirit. I will show you the result and let you peek behind the camera as well.
Photographer: Siiri Kumari
Backstage photos: Anete Palmik
Clothes: Tallinn Dolls; Anete Palmik
Location: Vanalinna Muusikamaja

12 December, 2012

NOKIA x LeiVanKash x Sequin Magazine MOODBOARD

I've been dying to tell you about this fun project I've been working on for some time now. NOKIA contacted me and asked me to participate in collaboration between Nokia, jewellery designer Leila Kashanipour aka LeiVanKash and fashion bloggers from all over the world. They sent me this gorgeous Nokia Lumia 900 to play around with and take pictures of everything around me that inspires me in order to put together a mood board for a unique jewellery piece.
LeiVanKash is a London-based jewellery designer,  whose unique skull and unicorn designs have been seen on the likes of Leona LewisOlivia Palermo and Rita Ora. She has 5 main collections and I had to choose one, that inspired me the most and create the mood board based on that particular collection. There are prizes for best mood boards of each collection and the overall best mood board will be turned into an actual jewellery piece in London!

I chose the collection Totem, after visiting the Estonian Museum of Natural History. I was mesmerized by the different colour variations of the beetles' scales and the metallic glimmer, so my mood board is called Cetonia Aurata, which is Latin for Rose Chafer.
The Totem collection is all about the animal in each person, that protects and guides them. For me, beetles have this certain charm and mystery to them and the have always been associated with protection and good luck so I believe they will fit right in to the collection. A variety of precious stones and metals will compliment the creature perfectly.

So I present you - CETONIA AURATA!
Click on the picture for a larger view

I hope I managed to pass forward what was twirling around in my mind while thinking about the collection. The shades of green, metallic, out of this world textures, power and of course, nature - my main inspiration.
Be sure to check out other creations by LeiVanKash, she's incredible! And thank you NOKIa for giving me this opportunity, it has been a blast and I can't wait to see the other mood boards. 
Wish me luck!

10 December, 2012

Instagram update

First row: Magazine MOOD's birthday at Lounge Nr 9. My outfit / The goodie bag / The view.
Second row: Shooting Põhja-Tallinn's music video. Maia, the vocalist, in gorgeous dress by Piret Puppart / A tired stylist after the shoot / Filming at Shnelli park.
Third row: Paula's Bananas birthday party / A sushi orgy / Spending Sundays at school.

A magical view from my window / A Christmas tree at the Town Hall Square / A lunch with a view.
My Cookie Monster Christmas stocking / Baking gingerbreads with my little sister / Fairytale looking garden in Kardiorg.
Floury bakers / Master chef Berit / Pistachio and almond rolls.

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06 December, 2012

10 Fashion related Instagrammers to follow!

What did I do before Instagram? How did I peek into strangers' lives and kept myself up to date with their eating habits or outfit choices for the day? Blogs? Nah...
Here are 7 instagram accounts to follow if you're a fashion addict like me. (Which reminds me, don't forget to follow me, xoxo, love @merilyy)

Brilliant Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller knows a good arm party and isn't afraid to snap it for her instagram. She is also outrageously funny and witty.

Photos: 1200+
Followers: 17400+
This one's my latest addiction. Arianna Power shoots streetstyle pictures on the go, without stopping people, candidly. Nothing is staged, you won't find famous editors or bloggers on her shots, it's the real deal.

Followers: 272550+

Behind the scene photos of fashion shows, photo shoots and other amazing projects supermodel Coco Rocha is part of.

DIY queen Erica Domesek of PS. I Made This offers a view to the process of coming up with the most amazing DIY projects. Again, be prepared for being inspired.

Photos: 1500+
Followers: 135550+
From runway shots to what the interns at Refinery 29 wear, their instagram is like a mini visual diary of life at Refinery 29.

See what trendsetters all over the world are wearing and discover the amazing sights through the eyes of streetstyle photographer of Face Hunter, Yvan Rodic.

Photos: 450+
Followers: 47550+
Peek into the offices of celebrity stylist extrordinaire Rachel Zoe and meet the unique contingent of the HQ. Enviable shots of accessories and cosmetics or a shot of a dog writing a fashion blog? You got it.

Photos: 1450+
Followers: 460850+
Behind the scene photos of Nasty Gal's photoshoots and day to day happenings. Expect a laid back LA style (a'la Nasty Gal) and tons of inspiration.

Photos: 3500+
Followers: 28450+
Teen Vogue beauty editor Eva Chen shares her hair experiments, stashes of cosmetics and, of course, the beautiful sights of New York.

Photos: 1300+
Followers: 354350+
Another online store, this time ASOS, and a great selection of photos of models off duty and heartbreaking pictures of products.

Hope you enjoyed this list of my favorite fashion instagram accounts and found someone new to follow. Let me know you favorite instagrammers and don't forget to add yours!

photo courtesy of instagram.com

04 December, 2012

ENDED || Siison.ee x Sequin Magazine GIVEAWAY || WINNER ON FACEBOOK

Jõulude ajal on täpselt sama tore anda, kui saada. Niisiis annamegi koostöös veebipoega Siison kahele õnnelikule Sequin Magazine lugejale ära varajase jõulukingi.
Kingituseks siis seekord MINT ehted, mis ideaalselt iga pühade outfiti kaunistama sobivad.

Kuidas loosimises osaleda?

1. Loo endale Siison.ee konto (kui sul seda juba ei ole)
2. Vali välja kõige enam meeldivam MINT'i ehe ning postita selle link siia kommentaaridesse
3. Lisa juurde ka oma nimi ning meili aadress

Järgmisel esmaspäeval (10.12.12) teatan kahe õnneliku nimed, kes valitud kingituse endale saavad :)

Head loosiõnne!

GIVEAWAY ON LÕPPENUD! Võitjad on üleval Facebookis.

02 December, 2012

Hello, December!

And suddenly it's the time of  the year when I have to pick whether to shoot a winter coat after another or just take my outfit pictures indoors, which has always felt a bit awkward to me. But let it be, as long as I find some time for maintaining my blog, because the last few weeks have been hectic and it doesn't look like I'll get rest any time soon, it only gets worse. But I do have some exciting news concerning school, I'm in the middle of planning a movie for my camerawork course. It doesn't categorize for a short movie, i's more like a... micro movie, but hell, I'm excited.
Plus, it's the most wonderful time of the year, I love Christmas so be prepared for ton of winter themed posts coming.
Oh and about the outfit. I have to say, the galaxy mania just went past me and I wasn't that amused, but I when I found this skirt, I just fell for it and even though it's just a strong print, it feels neutral and looks  awesome with everything! Love it!

Skirt - Romwe
Ring - Vintage
Clutch - Zara
Blouse - Lindex