I get a lot of questions about my camera so I thought I'd finally take some time talk about it here. I've been using my Canon EOS for over a year now and I wouldn't trade it in for anything else. Before this I had a point-and-shoot camera for everyday shots and I also used Zenit for the occasional outing. Now I have my camera with me around 90% of the time and although it may seem big, it actually fits in most of my bags (actually usually I just buy bags that are large engough for my camera, but still).
As for the lens, I use the kit lens EF-S 18-55 mm IS and a 28-90mm one. They're both very similar in features so I'm thinking about getting something fancier for my camera but I haven't decided on something exact yet.

I also get questions about the editing of my pictures. I have used Adobe Photoshop CS2 or CS3 on all the photos. I use Photoshop actions or just play around with the colors and settings.

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